Instructional and Information Technology

Viterbo University E-Mail moving to Office 365

WHAT IS Office 365? (click here for an overview of new features). 

  • Starting in Fall 2014, IIT started migrating employee email accounts to Office 365.  Starting March 2015, IIT has starting moving all student accounts.

The schedule for remaining account migrations is as follows: 
Full Time Employees - Ongoing - 99% Completed
March 2nd - Freshmen accounts - Completed
March 16th - Sophomore accounts - Completed
March 23rd - Junior accounts - Completed
March 30th - Senior accounts - Completed
April 6th - All Accepted Students - Completed
April 7th - CAL Students - Completed
April 21st - Adjunct Faculty - Completed
April 28th - Grad Students - Completed

  • During this migration-process, there are two logins.  E-mail (Old Legacy System) and O365 (New Account).  If you try to access the old system and your account was migrated to Office 365, it will state "Outlook Web Access could not find a mailbox for EXCHANGE0\USERNAME".  Be sure to go to O365 and try again.  Once all accounts at Viterbo are migrated, there will once again be only one login link to email.  


Don't know your username? - Lookup your login info here:

Forgot your password? - Look for assistance here.

Viterbo University supplies every full time student and staff with an e-mail account. This is the official channel that the university will use for communication.  It is recommended that you check your university provided email on a daily basis.  There are no restrictions on where you can send e-mail, but you should look at Viterbo's Internet use policies about what types of material are considered unacceptable to send over Viterbo University's network.