Instructional and Information Technology

Code Blue Emergency Call Boxes

Several CODE BLUE emergency call boxes are located throughout campus on the outsides of buildings. In case of emergency, press the red “push for help” button. This will automatically dial on-campus security. The on-campus security is automatically notified of the location of the call box and a two-way conversation can then be engaged to explain the emergency. The red “push for help” button is to be used for emergency situations only!

The CODE BLUE emergency call box located on Bonaventure Hall has a keypad installed. An on-campus number can be reached by pressing the black “call” button and dialing the last four digits of the phone number.  When the conversation has ended, end the call by pressing the black “call” button again. An off-campus number cannot be dialed from these call boxes. The emergency dispatch center can be reached by pressing the black “call” button and dialing 911, only emergency situations!

There are also several emergency call boxes located inside buildings on campus. These are identified with a red “EMERGENCY PHONE” plaque.  To use one, simply pick up the receiver, and on-campus security will automatically be dialed