Monica Dixon

Leadership Extraordinaire –Women in Leadership

Born and raised in the Midwest, Monica Dixon said she had a narrow view of the world until she had the opportunity to travel internationally. "Travel forever changed the lens through which I view the world, and therefore the way I approach difficult situations in my professional and personal life," said Dixon, who graduated from Viterbo University in 1985 with a degree in dietetics. A firm believer in the benefits of travel experiences, Dixon has created the Dr. Monica A. Dixon International Travel Endowment, which provides funds for international travel to experience the field of nutrition and food through a different culture. "Our dietetic students face a complex health care system that will demand the most from them, and having travelled internationally will give them a distinct advantage in their careers," she said. Since her time at Viterbo, Dixon went on to earn her Ph.D. and is now a professional speaker, writer, and consultant. She has received state and federal awards for her creative problem solving in program and policy development. Dixon said her time at Viterbo made her career possible. "Viterbo took a long shot accepting me on academic probation," she said. "I want to repay my debt of gratitude for giving me the opportunity and the individualized attention to become a success.