Jim and Elaine Schauls

Aspiring Scientists Get Boost from Grateful Couple

Jim and Elaine Schauls are very thankful for the life with which they’ve been blessed. They have excellent health, successful children, wonderful grandchildren, and financial security. As they thought about estate planning and reflected on all they had, they realized something. “We should be doing something to help others,” Jim said. To this end, they have created an endowment at Viterbo University, the Elaine and Jim Schauls Family Science Research Scholar Program. This scholar program will provide annual funds for a deserving Viterbo student and a faculty mentor to work collaboratively on a summer research project, which will give the participating student invaluable experience and insight. “That’s what it’s all about, helping fellow human beings,” Jim said. When creating the endowment, the Schauls were able to match their gift to their area of interest. Jim, a retired engineer, and Elaine, who earned a degree in education, wanted to do their part in helping to ensure the United States remains the technological leader of the world. To impact future generations, they also asked that the recipients of this award remember the help they have received, and consider in the future an opportunity to reciprocate with some type of similar support. Jim and Elaine said they found giving back to society by creating the endowment very satisfying, and something they would certainly recommend to others. “You can see the results,” Elaine said. “And it makes you feel good.”