Innovative Teacher Leadership and Instructional Coaching

Course Descriptions

  • EDUC 505: Leading with Integrity (3 credits): Participants will examine their own values, beliefs, ethics, and character learn to lead with integrity, as they develop the skill of inspiring others to learn more, to do more, and to become more. Cultural sensitivity and awareness of the implications of varying experiences and ethnicities will be discussed.  Cultivating a mind-set that supports servant leadership, social justice, and working for the common good will be integral components of this course.  
  • EDUC 506: Best Practices in High Impact Coaching (3 credits): Participants will examine instructional practices that are proven to have the greatest impact on student learning and achievement.  Participants will learn skills and strategies associated with seeking and engaging in non-evaluative, reflective communication with colleges. Techniques essential to fostering a culture that embraces learning, innovation, trust, and partnership will be examined.
  • EDUC 507: Leadership and Institutional Change (3 credits): Participants will develop a collective understanding of why and how change is being undertaken, recognizing the fear often associated with change. They will learn to identify the change process and support those who are experiencing change.  The course examines the theories of organizational and transformational change, critical conversations, and linking change efforts to institutional mission.
  • EDUC 508: Job-Embedded Field Experience (1 credit): Participants will apply and integrate innovative teacher leadership and instructional coaching during an on-the-job experience grounded within their school districts and/or community.  Participants will be challenged to think critically about their leadership/coaching roles and to extrapolate the experience to future leadership/coaching issues within their individual school districts. (Prerequisite: all other  courses)

Coursework can be completed in any sequence, with the exception of the Job Embedded Field Experience, which must be the final course in the program.

Graduate Tuition: $380 per credit (plus $10 per credit resource fee) for the 2018-2019 academic year. 

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Registration: Returning students will register via Viterbo's online course registration system, VitNet. New students will be assisted with first-semester registration by the Graduate Education Advisor. Courses with less than 10 registered students are at risk of cancellation. 

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