Infectious Disease Preparedness Plan

IDPP Emergency

The infectious disease preparedness policy shown in the first section of this document is included in the VU Emergency Plan. If an infectious disease outbreak is declared a critical incident (i.e., one that requires immediate action to ensure a safe environment, and to ensure the maintenance or restoration of university operations), these procedures will be employed.

  1. The declaration of a critical incident will specify the location of the Command Center for the particular incident.
  2. The Vice President for Finance and Administration will notify the President’s Cabinet members that a Critical Incident has been declared. 
  3. The President’s Cabinet members will be asked to meet to take whatever actions are deemed appropriate.
  4. The Vice President for Communications and Marketing will send out a notification of the Critical Incident by email, Web, telephone, or other appropriate method.
  5. The Vice President for Communications and Marketing will contact the Critical Incident Response Team, or their designees, to manage the response.  
  6. The Critical Incident Response Team is comprised of the Vice President of Finance and Administration, the Vice President of Communications and Marketing, the Director of Campus Safety, and the Director of Physical Plant. 
  7. To augment the Critical Incident Response Team and to handle the specific occurrence effectively, the Vice President of Finance and Administration may contact additional personnel.