IA Talented and Gifted Program

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Additional expectations:

The capstone portfolio presentation expectations and rubric for the portfolio will be explained during students' first two TAG courses.

During the Gifted internship, students will receive feedback and assistance from the instructor in designing their portfolios.

NOTE: Additional details are available on the 'resources' tab. 

  • Portfolios will be presented the last day of the Gifted Internship

  • Presentations will include two activities/experiences and reflections for each of the content area standards 
  • Students will clearly explain how the activity or experiences address the standard and helped them gain skills and expertise in the standard.
  • If an activity is student participation in a meeting, workshop, or conference, students will explain how they applied this experience in regard to the content area standards.
  • The presentation will include specific key learnings from each activity or experience.
  • Artifacts or evidence will be provided for the activities/experiences (agenda, handout, chart, data, photos, etc.).
  • Students will select 3 “best work” examples from coursework to include in the presentation and describe which content area standards this project addressed as well as their key learnings.  These may be used as an artifact or in addition to the artifacts.
  • Portfolio presentations will include a discussion of three specific areas of growth that developed for them during the endorsement program, as well as goals for future growth in at least one area (standard).
  • Portfolios should be professional to the extent that they could be used for interviews for teaching or teacher leadership positions.

For more information, contact:

Carol Page, Educational Leadership Program Specialist/Iowa Student Advisor, at cdpage@viterbo.edu or 515-224-4811 / 888-235-2200