IA Reading Specialist Program


Expectations for Reading Endorsement Capstone Projects

At the time of completion of the Reading Specialist Program and practicum, students will be required to prepare final capstone projects.

EDUC 596—Fieldwork/Practicum for the Reading Specialist Coursework

Each of the three areas of Leadership/Facilitation, Communication, and Nuts and Bolts will be worth 30 points.

If you complete more than one project in a category, your score for that category will be the average of all projects in that area.  For example, if under Communication you did 2 projects and one scored a 27 and one scored a 29 you would receive a 28 for that category.

Project(s) for Leadership/Facilitation must total a minimum of 10 hours; your project(s) for Communication must total a minimum of 10 hours; your project(s) for Nuts and Bolts must total a minimum of 5 hours.  This allows for the additional 20 hours falling under any category in any amount of time.

Projects can only be completed and counted toward your grade that have been written up in the prescribed format, given to the instructor within the designated timeline (unless special arrangements have been made), and have received the instructor’s approval.

However, there are times that projects need to change after they have been approved because of reasons beyond your control.  Please notify the instructor immediately and we will work together for a satisfactory adjustment of projects.

The projects, including all the parts listed in the proposal shall be prepared and organized in a 3 ring notebook by “category and project” and presented to the instructor by the due date. 

It is suggested, but not required at this point, that you participate in a sharing event.  In the sharing event you will have 10 minutes to present to the group a brief synthesis of your work.  You can do that in any way you choose, a summary sheet, Power Point, samples, etc.  This synthesis should give the group the sense of the scope of your projects and your brief perception of what went well and what you would definitely change and/or not replicate.  The 10 minute time limit will be honored for all—so realize you can’t share everything in detail.

After everyone has shared their brief synthesis, we will have a more informal “sit and share” time.  During this time, you will choose one project to highlight and share more about it.  This might be done whole group or rotating small group—it will depend on the number of participants and what will be most efficient.  The instructor will determine that at the time.  During this sharing, people have often brought a sample for everyone of something they thought would be of interest and could be replicated in other districts.  Examples would be: a brochure about a fluency project, sample study guide for a book study that was successful, a website and a sample of what you can use from it, pictures (just black and white copied) of a project to show the end result, etc.  You are required to highlight a project you are not required to bring an artifact to share with everyone.  Some of you will have projects that just don’t lend themselves to that.

For more information, contact:

Carol Page, Educational Leadership Program Specialist/Iowa Student Advisor, at cdpage@viterbo.edu or 515-224-4811 / 888-235-2200