IA Reading Specialist Program

Course Descriptions

Required Courses - Course Descriptions

EDUC 518:  Foundations and Psychology of Reading and Language Acquisition
This course will address the psychological, motivational, and lingistic foundations of the reading and writing processes including language acquisition and the histories of reading pedagogy.  Students will understand the major components of reading including:  comprehension, vocabulary, word identification/sight words, fluency, phonics, and phonemic awareness.  Participants will develop an understanding that reading involves highly complex processes by which children learn to speak, read, and write.  Scientifically-based research will be analyzed and instructional strategies to address ranges of individual differences, reading difficulties, reading disabilities, and diversity in learning to read and write will be foci of this course. -- 3 credits

EDUC 590:  Supervision and Staff Development
This course examines the effective strategies of supervision and staff development that relate to reading programs in schools. – 3 credits

EDUC 556:  Reading Assessment, Diagnosis, and Evaluation
The focus of this course will be the development of an understanding of assessment materials that may be used to monitor students' progress in reading skills and concepts.  The literacy leader will learn options for assessment that are appropriate for the age, background, and needs of the child.  This course will also center around the use of research and best practice as it applies to assessment and instruction.  An emphasis will be paced on in-depth understanding of assessment materials, how to evaluate the results, how to use the results for instructional purposes, and strategies for literacy leaders to use to communicate with all stakeholders about assessment data. -- 3 credits

EDUC 599:  K-12 Reading Curriculum and Instructional Supervision
This course will provide literacy leaders with the opportunity to increse their understanding of instructional approaches and materials related to K-12 literacy programs.  The focus of this course will be on research-based, best practices in literacy curriculum and instruction.  This course will emphasize strategies regarding how to be in a leadership role for teachers to support their knowledge and instruction in these best practices.  A central focus of this course will be developing an understanding of how to support teachers through modeling, co-teaching, observing, collaborative planning, reviewing data, and providing resources for teachers of literacy. -- 3 credits

EDUC 639:  Directing & Supervising K-12 Reading Programs
Understanding the roles of leadership in literacy instruction will be the core focus of this course.  This course will emphasize specific literacy leadership skills for K-12 reading programs.  Participants will develop an understanding of leadership in professional development and program development, development of communication skills, and collaboration with stakeholders.  – 3 credits

EDUC 596:  Practicum in Reading Leadership (Field Work in K-12 Reading Programs)
Reading Specialist practicum students will intern in a K-12 reading program, working with a certified reading specialist.  Students will gain experience in a broad range of activities required of a literacy leader/reading specialist, to include staff development, supervision and communications. Elementary and secondary reading experiences will be included in the practicum.  A completed fieldwork portfolio must be submitted and scored before licensure is given. Prerequisites:  completion of a minimum of two other required courses. – 3 credits

EDUC 597:  Seminar in Reading Research
The seminar will review and develop skills in research methodologies, techniques, data interpretation, and evaluation of reading research as well as its classroom applications.  (This course is required if the candidate has not completed research on a reading/literacy topic within a Master’s degree program.) – 3 credits

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