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Professional Development Committee

Staff and administrative employees are encouraged to participate in all professional development sessions offered at Viterbo University. Below you will find information on upcoming sessions and the link to register.

2015-2016 Events - Theme: Using our Internal Resources

Turning Conflict into Opportunity: Effective Tools and Strategies

Conflict is a part of work life. Regardless of how hard we may work towards harmony with our co-workers, there are times where conflict is simply unavoidable. It can result from well-intended constructive feedback to a co-worker, or a result of a performance review, or simply not seeing eye to eye in a team project.

Staff and Administrative employees are encouraged to attend a professional development session with Derek Cortez, Assistant Professor in the Dahl School of Business, on how to turn conflict into moments of opportunity.  In 2013, Dr. Cortez had presented tools and techniques to help manage conflict.  This interactive workshop will review those tools and techniques and provide examples to work through in groups in approaching those difficult and stressful moments of conflict with confidence and composure.

Two Identical Sessions:
Wednesday, February 3, 8-10am
Thursday, February 4, 2:30-4:30pm
Reinhart Center Board Room
Speaker: Derek Cortez

RSVP by Monday, February 1

If you would like to provide an example of a conflict to be used in the group setting, please consider completing this anonymous survey.  Please refrain from using specific names, departments and business names to help in generalizing the situation.


Upcoming Sessions:

Using our Internal Resources - April 7
How can one develop internal resources in your organization to create community and purpose, even in a climate of shortage? A workplace can be a powerful community in our lives. When a workplace community engages its members, employees thrive and grow in ways that extend beyond the office.  Learn from Katy Smith on we can develop our own internal resources to create that powerful community and purpose.

Two Identical Sessions:
Thursday, April 7, 8-10am and 2:30-4:30pm

Speaker: Katy Smith is a community educator with two undergraduate degrees in social work and parent education from Winona State University.  She has a master’s degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse and a master’s degree in Early Childhood Public Policy and Advocacy from Walden University.  She lives and teaches in Winona and in classrooms, conferences, and businesses all over the state.  Katy and her husband, Matt,  have three grown daughters.  Katy is the 2011 Minnesota Teacher of the Year, the first early childhood educator in our state and the first parent educator nationally to be honored with the award.


The professional development committee's responsibility is to offer professional development and training opportunities for staff and administrative employees. Professional development is defined as diverse programming that builds and maintains morale, enhances skills and fosters collaboration and communication between members of the Viterbo community. The goal is to provide at least three professional development programs each calendar year.

Current Members

  • Maureen Cooney
  • Beth Dolder-Zieke
  • Sonya Ganther
  • Val Krage
  • Taylor Lewis
  • Polly Scott