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Murphy Backside

Employment Application Process

FAQ on Viterbo Employment Application

How do I find out about job openings?

All current opportunities are listed under our website at When a position closes, it will be removed from our website. We do not accept applications for positions that are not posted.

How do I know if a position is still available?

If a job is currently posted on our employment listings website, we are still considering candidates and it is possible that you will be contacted. Once a position closes, it is removed from our website.

Can I submit my resume online?

Yes, our application process is only online.  You have the ability to upload materials as required by each job posting.

What kinds of file attachments are accepted?

DOC, DOCX, TXT or PDF files are the only acceptable documents.  Please limit each file to 2MB or smaller or the system may time out.

Do I need to submit a cover letter and resume?

Each position has certain requirements for documentation.  If the posting requires this, you will have the ability to upload. In the event you do not have a resume, you may copy and paste text in the resume field and then click Save and Upload Text as File.  .

I do not have an e-mail address. How can I apply for employment?

We maintain the vast majority of communication with our candidates via e-mail and this is also how you can stay informed about new job openings, so it is important to have an e-mail address. If you do not currently have an e-mail address, please create an account with one of the free services like Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, or AOL. Please select the e-mail provider you would like to host your free e-mail account and follow their instructions for account set up.

I do not have a computer; how should I apply online?

If you do not own a computer, please check with your local public library and/or local Department of Labor office (Career Center) for resources and assistance with job search and applications.

Can I drop off, mail, fax or e-mail my resume to you?

We no longer accept resumes via drop off, mail, e-mail, or fax. To be considered an applicant, you must apply online.

How long will the application process take to complete online?

The process should take between 15 – 20 minutes to complete online.

I cannot remember my password. Can you help me?

If you do not recall the password that you set up, please click on the Log-In button on the top right of any of the job postings.  Then click on the Send Password Request. If your email address is on file, we will send your existing or new login credentials to that email address.

I just submitted my profile but need to make a correction. What should I do?

You can login to your account to update any contact information. Once your materials have been submitted for a position, you do not have the ability to make a change. If there is a change in your skills or employment history, you can email

Will I be considered for other positions when applying for a specific position or do I need to apply separately for each position I am interested in?

It is possible your profile may be considered for other current or future positions should you fit the specific job requirements of those positions. However, if you would like to be considered for a particular position we recommend that you apply online directly for each position that is of interest to you. Once you have applied for a position, your online profile will be stored in our system which you will be able to access with your username (email address) and password. You can use the same profile to apply for several jobs.

How do I use my existing profile to apply for multiple jobs?

To apply using an existing profile, you will first login to your account on the top right page of any job posting.  Click on the job listing you are interested and continue the application process. You will have the option to upload additional documentation as needed for the specific job posting. Once you click "Submit" you will receive a confirmation that the application was submitted.

If you need assistance with the application process, please contact human resources at 608.796.3930.