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Welcome to the Viterbo University Honors Program


The mission of the Viterbo University Honors Program is to provide a supportive, enriched learning environment responsive to the educational needs of highly able and exceptionally motivated undergraduate students who are committed to achieving academic excellence, in addition to developing their potential as ethical leaders and faithful servants.


The goals of the Honors Program are:

  • To develop a community of scholars.
  • To promote academic excellence within the Viterbo University community.
  • To provide opportunities for research and creative work involving both faculty and students.
  • To assist students in preparation for graduate and professional schools.
  • To help students develop leadership skills by providing them opportunities to work with service organizations both within and outside the University.


  • Courses exclusively geared for Honors students.
  • One guaranteed paid Summer Research Assistantship for Honors students in good standing.
  • Lunch discussions with nationally known speakers.
  • Honors designation on transcription -- helpful when applying for graduate schools and finding employment.
  • Participation in a vibrant and interactive community of scholars.

What's Going on in the Honors Program?

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Interested in shaping the Program?  Click on the names of the Honors Leadership Board Members below to email them your suggestions and ideas.

2013-2014 Honors Leadership Board Members: 

Shannon Foss  

Jessica Hartling 

Melanie Jones-McMillan  

Kaitlyn Hamann   

Anna Jocham

Emily Riemer





Honors  Kirsten Gabriel 
Michael D. Lopez Kaley,
Honors Program Director
MRC 319
Kirsten Gabriel,
Academic Programs Coordinator
MRC 370

For more information

Email the Honors Program at honors@viterbo.edu.