Liberal Arts, Integrated, Values-based Education



I want to be me.
I want to live authentically
As an educated person
Environmentally conscious
Ethical and caring
Grappling with life's puzzles and challenges
Ready for whatever comes.
How can I learn to LIVE this life?

vufemaleHow can I learn to LIVE this life?

How do we learn to lead an authentic life that calls us to be awake to the many changes that can literally transform the way we live?

No small matter, yet all colleges and universities have to answer that question in deciding what common courses all students should take. It is called the core curriculum or general education requirements. At Viterbo, we call it LIVE...Liberal Arts, Integrated, Values-based Education.


vumaleLIVE: Viterbo University's Core Curriculum

Beyond the specific major and beyond the training specific to a career, the university provides, and the student expects, a complete education. This education allows us to adapt, to critically think, to appreciate diversity, and to be fully human in a world that invites its citizens to serve and to lead. This education asks us to LIVE.


vuclassHow to LIVE...

Viterbo LIVE Core Curriculum consists of two parts:

Liberal Arts Coursework 30–32 credits
Concentrated in the Liberal Arts, LIVE courses go to the core of Viterbo’s identity as a Catholic, Franciscan University. Students explore new ways of thinking as they immerse themselves in the arts, delve into history, appreciate literature, develop perspectives in philosophy, theology, and the social and natural sciences.

This transformational coursework gives students the insights, habits, curiosity, and ways of seeing and experiencing the world that will extend well beyond college life.

Mission Seminars 12 credits
LIVE is uniquely Viterbo. Over the course of their college experience, students will be able to select seminar courses aligned to their interests and infused with Viterbo’s mission. Mission Seminars help prepare Viterbo graduates for faithful service and ethical leadership.
    • Year One Theme—Franciscan Values and Traditions
    • Year Two Theme—Living in a Diverse and Changing World
    • Year Three Theme—Serving The Common Good
    • Year Four Theme—The Ethical Life