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Red Watch Band Program

Next Available Class:  Dates TBD.  For further information contact Sue Danielson, RN at or 796-3806.


Do you know what to do if your friend is intoxicated and maybe suffering from alcohol poisoning? The RED WATCH BAND program is now available to help you learn what to do in this type of emergency situation.

In May 2008, a student at Northwestern University died just before completing his freshman year of alcohol poisoning/alcohol overdose. His mother, a doctor at Stony Brook University Medical Center and President of the University, Dr. Shirley Strum Kenny was moved to do something to insure his death was not in vain. Along with Milton Glazer, a prolific Graphic Artist, collaborated with alcohol and other drug specialists and colleagues from the Office of Student Affairs at Stony Brook University to design a comprehensive bystander intervention program for Stony Brook University students.

The goal of the Red Watch Band campaign is to insure that all students are provided with accurate information about the dangers of alcohol use and know when, where and how to get help when every second counts.

The mission of the Red Watch Band Program is to provide students with the knowledge, awareness and skills to prevent toxic drinking deaths and to promote a student culture of kindness, responsibility, compassion and respect.

Viterbo Health Services offers training to all interested students in the RED WATCH BAND Program. The training consists of CPR and AED certification and alcohol poisoning information. The program is FREE and only takes 3 hours to complete!  Call 796-3806 for next available dates.