Graduate Program Administration


Although the curriculum content of all graduate programs is developed, controlled, and supervised by the respective schools under the direction of the school dean, the Graduate Council establishes and approves all policies and procedures for graduate study at the University. School deans/program directors are responsible for the assignment and supervision of program faculty. Each school shall develop its own policies, procedures, and other documents for faculty and students as appropriate for each program.


Graduate Program Faculty

Faculty are assigned by the program director to teach graduate courses based on qualifications of faculty members, appropriateness of degree, and/or special expertise in the area of study, according to the criteria of the Graduate Council.


Duties of the Graduate Program Directors

According to the Graduate Council, Graduate Program Directors are responsible for:

  • Program development and evaluation
  • Student recruitment and retention
  • Faculty selection, assignment, and supervision
  • Admissions and record evaluation
  • Oversee registration of students
  • Advising of students
  • Approval of graduate program candidates

Other duties as necessary.


Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Program Reviews 

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