Viterbo University Graduate Council


The Viterbo University Graduate Council will serve as the primary advisory group to the Dean of Graduate Studies on matters which concern all graduate programs at the university to ensure coherent planning and quality.


  1. Foster collaboration and effective communication among graduate program personnel.
  2. Develop, review, and recommend academic policies and procedures for graduate programs (e.g., marketing, recruitment, admissions, retention, criteria for graduation).
  3. Review and recommend new graduate programs and substantive changes in existing programs.
  4. Develop, review, and recommend graduate faculty standards (e.g., criteria, compensation, course load).
  5. Oversee graduate program review and assessment.
  6. Provide a unified voice in advocating for graduate resources (e.g., financial, support services).
  7. Support and promote graduate sponsored activities.


Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies, deans of the schools offering graduate programs, directors of graduate programs, one faculty member or coordinator teaching at the graduate level from each school offering master's programs, one faculty member from each doctoral program.



Standing Committees:


Meeting Schedule:

The Graduate Council will meet a minimum of once a month.


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