Global Rhythms

Global Rhythms Mission Statement

Principles:  Unity, Fun, Friendship, Learning, Sharing, Creating, Including

Global Rhythms is an organization on Viterbo University campus that is designed to build friendships, develop unity and create a positive learning environment for international students and American students.  Through fun and inclusive activities, students can learn from one another and share their cultures and beliefs in an open and welcoming environment.  Global Rhythms is also committed to helping make the Viterbo University community better aware of the international presence on campus through volunteer work.  

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Club Leaders:


Van Ngugen

Zheng Gu (Greg)
Club Leader

Taylor Lewis
Club Advisor 


 Calendar of Events:  

  •  August: 
    • New Student Orientation
    • Camping
  • September: 
    • Labor Day Party
    • Trip to the bluffs
    • Oktoberfest Parade
  • October: 
    • Madison Trip 
    • International Dance (Oct. 25)
    • Haunted House
    • November:  
  •  November
    • Thanksgiving Break
  • December: 
    • Rotary Lights
    • Commencement
  • January: 
    • New Year Dinner
    • Lunar New Year at Place of Grace
  • February: 
    • Club Fair
    • Lunar New Year
    • Valentine’s Day Party
  • March: 
    • International Dinner
    • Spring Break and Easter Break
  • May: 
    • Courtyard Carni 
    • Cinco De Mayo Dinner
    • Commencement
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