Study Abroad

Research or Teaching at an International Partner Institution

Viterbo currently has four international partners in China, Japan, Belize, and Colombia. Each of these relationships has different features and is at a different stage of development. There are opportunities for faculty to be involved in the development of the relationship through teaching, consulting, research, or leading a short-term study trip. A few of the particulars of each situation are given below. For more information, contact Shaojie Jiang, director of the Office of Global Education.

Luoyang Institute of Technology - Luoyang, China

Luoyang is a Sister City to La Crosse. A variety of delegations have moved back and forth between the two cities. Two high school teachers from Luoyang come to La Crosse each year to teach Chinese in the high schools. Viterbo hosted a delegation of faculty from the Institute and has sent a delegation of students, faculty and administrators to China as part of a short-term study course. We have also welcomed faculty from the Institute for a short term visit. Lyon Evans of the Viterbo English department has taught at the Institute.

Immaculate Heart University - Sendai City, Japan

This university is a four-year institution located in the Kagoshima Prefecture. The Immaculate Heart Sisters were invited to establish this new university in the small town (50,000) of Sendai on the coast of the island of Kyushu. The institution focuses on international relations, and also has programs in nursing, nutrition and, primary education. Two students from this university attend Viterbo each year to study language and culture. Viterbo has hosted a group of student nurses and faculty from Immaculate Heart twice and sent nursing students and faculty for a return visit in 2006.

St. John's College, Junior College - Belize City, Belize

St. John's is a Jesuit institution offering two-year associate degrees. Viterbo has had a long association with the country of Belize and has many Belizean graduates. Cooperative projects undertaken with St. Johns include: faculty exchange, a joint faculty development program in Belize, and consultation on development of a new science building. In addition to the relationship with St. John's Viterbo has engaged with other Belizean institutions to create study opportunities for Viterbo students in Belize. Nursing students have completed public health clinical requirements in Belize, and science students have spent two weeks in Belize as part of an Ecology short course taught at Viterbo. Viterbo is a member of COBEC (Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation) and hope through this organization to find additional ways of working with Belizean educational institutions to mutually enhance the international dimension of member institutions.

Santa Francisca Romana School - Bogota, Colombia

Viterbo offers two scholarships per year to the women graduates from this Franciscan High School. In addition, Viterbo faculty have been invited to provide inservice sessions to the faculty of this K-12 English medium institution.