Study Abroad

Funding for Initiatives in the Area of Global Education at Viterbo University

As the result of an endowment given by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, there are funds available for initiatives in Global Education. The amount of funds available will be determined on an annual basis, and will be related to the interest income on the endowment. The purpose of this document is to outline the goals and priorities for the use of the funding, the criteria that will be used to review proposals received, and the application procedure.

Goals and Priorities for the Use of the Funds

The funds may be used to accomplish the following:

  • To develop a new course or revise an existing course to include a significant cross-cultural learning component.
  • To build faculty capacities for teaching in a field of cross-cultural learning that is outside of or beyond the individuals primary specialty
  • To advance cooperative projects with institutions of higher education or other appropriate international entities outside of the U.S. with which Viterbo has an established relationship.
  • To increase the diversity of Viterbo's student body or faculty.
  • To deepen the understanding of Viterbo's student body and the wider community to cross-cultural ideas and representations

Examples of Projects that Could Meet the Above Goals

  • Participation in a learning experience which allows the individual exposure to new content as well as opportunities to participate in cultural contact, with the intent of using the experience for course creation or revision.
  • Commitment by a faculty member to assist in the development of a university-wide focus in some field of cross-cultural learning. The disciplinary area involved is outside the individual's area of expertise and there is a need for the individual to engage in learning a new discipline in addition to learning a new culture.
  • Projects which are related to expanding the relationships which Viterbo has in place with international institutions, e.g., China, Japan, Colombia, Belize. These projects might include guest lecturing, cooperative research, developing opportunities for student learning/interchange.
  • Guest lecturers, visiting faculty, exhibitions and/or performing groups which have a cross-cultural emphasis.

Criteria for the Review of Applications for Funding

The following criteria will be used in reviewing the applications for funding:

  • The project's contribution to accomplishing the particular goals/priorities of the Office of Global Education.
  • The extent to which the project draws on additional sources of funds.
  • The projected impact of the project on Viterbo students, faculty, administration, and the university's overall program.
  • The clarity of purpose and method expressed in the proposal.
  • The amount of funding previously received from this office, if any.


Full-time faculty, administrators, Schools or programs at the university may submit proposals. In special situations funding for other employees of the university will be considered.

Availability and Levels of Funding

Early in the calendar year, the director of the Office of Global Education will decide upon the amount of funds available for the following academic year and summer. The amount available will be directly related to the interest earned on the endowment.

The amount of funds granted for a particular proposal will be related to the number of people involved and the expected impact of the project. Individual projects are likely to be funded in the $500-$1,000 range. Projects with an institution-wide impact may be funded up to $3,000.

Requirements of Funding

  • 90 percent of the funding will be advanced prior to project completion; the remaining 10 percent will be disbursed after the receipt of the final report.
  • A final report on the results of the project and the attainment of expected goals or outcomes is due prior to the disbursement of the remainder of the funds.
  • Personnel who are funded are required to submit expense reports for the money received.
  • Dissemination of project results in a university forum such as department workshop, Seventh Day Presentation, faculty inservice, etc.

Application Procedures

Provide a two-page description of your proposal which addresses the following;

  • What causes you to be interested in this particular project?
  • What resources will you bring to the project, i.e., prior experience, initial preparation, additional funding?
  • What are your goals or outcome for the project?
  • How do you expect to accomplish these goals?

In addition to the above description, respond to the following questions:

  • How does the project address the Mission and Outcomes of Cross-cultural Study and Exchange at Viterbo?
  • How many Viterbo students do you expect will be directly affected by the project?
  • How does this project assist in implementing the current goals/programs of the Global Education office at Viterbo?
  • Provide a copy of your budget, including delineated costs for transportation, housing, meals, registrations fees, etc. Also include any information you have on other sources of funding that you intend to seek or have already secured.
  • Provide a letter of endorsement from the dean of your School or your supervising administrator.
  • Provide the names of individuals or institutions with whom you will be working to accomplish your objectives and outline briefly the role they have agreed to play.

All materials should be sent to the director of Global Education.

Decision Making Process

Decisions are made by a subcommittee of the Global Education and Study Abroad Committee. Applications for summer and fall semester funding are due the Monday after spring break. Applications for spring semester funding are due Oct. 15.

Approved 4/2001 by the Global Education and Study Abroad Committee