Gerontology Minor

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Career Opportunities

Job opportunities per The Occupational Outlook Handbook:

  • Health care and social assistance occupations are two areas with the fastest job growth through 2016.
  • Residential care facilities, individual and family services, public and private hospitals, and other types of social assistance will grow by 25.4 percent and add approximately four million jobs to the economy.
  • Jobs related to management of housing needs for the elderly, such as retirement communities or assisted living, will be in high demand.
  • Professionals in the field of aging work in a variety of settings including federal, state, and local governments, non-profits, business and industry, and academic and research settings.
  • Need for professionals to work with the elderly, particularly among social workers, dieticians/nutritionists, nurses, psychologists, and other social service professionals. These majors are offered at Viterbo.

A minor in gerontology would add a complementary dimension to any of these career choices. This minor is the first and only such minor available in combination with these majors in the Western Wisconsin region.

"By most accounts, careers in the field of aging are going to be among the next big things in the twenty-first century workplace. A key factor in this expected job growth, besides the obvious demographic bulge, is the shift away from viewing employment solely from the illness, disease, and research model. This is due in large part to a redefinition of gerontology itself…No longer a single profession, careers in aging offer the possibility of a specialist overlay to any profession serving our aging population."

Linda Wiener
"Careers in Aging: A Booming Industry"
CSA Journal 30 (March 2006)