Fine Arts Center

Chamber Music Series

Chamber Music Series History

2009-2010 (Inaugural Year)

Poet's Love 09/13/2009
Three's Company 11/08/2009
Glorious Thunderstorm 02/20/2010
For Your Ears Only 04/25/2010


Lasting Impressionism: The Music of Claude DeBussy 09/19/2010
Music That Makes You Want to Move: The Music of Alberto Ginastera 11/13/2010
Subtle and Sublime: The Music of Francis Poulenc 02/12/2011
A Foote Note: The Music of Samuel Barber and Arthur Foote 04/09/2011


Never Forget You: The Saga of Sefarad 09/17/2011
Clara and Louise: Clara Schumann and Louise Farrenc 11/13/2011
Out of Russia Under Cover: The Music of Dmitri Shostakovich 02/28-29/2012
Bohemian Rhapsody:Take Two! 04/28/2012


Points on Jazz: The Music of George Gershwin and Dave Brubeck 09/09/2012
The Complete String Quartets of Dmitri Shostakovich: Part 2 01/26-27/2013
Cafe' Music for Piano Trio: Astor Piazzolla, Maurice Ravel, and Paul Schoenfield 04/28/2013


Czech Mates: Antonin Dvorak, Jan Ladislav Dussek, and Bedrich Smetana 9/21/2013
Piano Tango: The Music of Astor Piazzolla 11/17/2013
Artaria String Quartet: The Complete String Quartets of Dmitri Shostakovich, Part 2 1/25-26/2014
Clara and Louise II: The Music of Louise Farrenc and Clara Schumann 4/6/2014


Time Capsule I: The Music of Claude Debussy and Gabriel Faure 9/20/2014
Time Capsule II: Artaria String Quartet - Schoenberg, Puccini, and Nielsen 11/16/2014
Time Capsule III: Performed by Viterbo Music Faculty 2/8/2015
Time Capsule IV: The Music of Maud Powell and Arthur Loesser 4/25/2015


Keyed In: Piano Quintet 9/27/2015
Keyed In: Piano Duet 11/15/2015
Keyed in: Piano Duo 2/21/2016
Keyed In: Solo Piano 4/23/2016


Heritage: A Mosiac of Musical Artistry 9/17/2016
Czech It Out: The Music of Janacek and Dvorak 11/13/2016
Italian Souvenirs: The Music of Wolf and Tchiakovsky 2/18/2017
Sonatas from 1917: The Music of Debussy and Respighi 4/8/2017


Three for the Road 9/16/2017
Open Borders 11/19/2017
Music for Protest 2/17/2018
Out of this World, Down to Earth 4/21/2018