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Bright Star Season History

Bright Star Season History

1970-1979  |  1980-1989  |  1990-1999  |  2000-2009  |  2010 - present

1971 Inaugural Season

William Shakespeare’s Macbeth- Viterbo Players 3/25-27/1971
Messiah- Viterbo Players  04/07/1971
The Bremen Town Musicians 4/16-18/1971
The Marriage of Figaro- Northwestern Opera Workshop Company  4/23-24/1971
The Sound of Music- Viterbo Players 7/22-24/1971
Minnesota Collegiate Ballet Company dates unknown
Fables Here and There- Guthrie Theatre dates unknown
Erik Hawkins Dance Company dates unknown


Regis Pasquier 10/14/1971
Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra with Viterbo Chorale 10/19/1971
You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown- Viterbo Players 10/28-31/1971
Pro Arte Quartet 11/07/1971
Indianapolis Symphony 11/17/1971
Madrigal Christmas Party- Viterbo Music Department 12/4-5/1971
Richard Tucker 01/30/1972
Dr. David Baskerville- Lecture 02/14/1972
AAUW Children’s Theatre 4/7-9/1972
Rinat Choir of Israel 04/17/1972
Choral Concert- Viterbo Music Department 04/23/1972
Taming of the Shrew- Viterbo Players 5/4-7/1972



“Pills-A-Poppin”; Luthern Hospital Auxiliary 9/22-24/1972
“Company” Broadway Touring Show 9/28-30/1972
“The Boy Friend”; Viterbo Players 10/11-15/1972
Indianapolis Symphony 10/19/1972
Obernkirchen Children’s Choir 11/17/1972
Madrigal Christmas Party, featuring “Amahl and the Night Visitors” 12/1-3/1972
“The Nutcracker”: Wisconsin Ballet Company 12/08/1972
Chorale Union and Chamber Orchestra 10/10/1972
Maralin Niska- Soprano 01/18/1973
“Of Mice and Men”: Guthrie Theatre 1/19-22/1973
Sanasardo Dance Company 02/12/1973
“Faust”; Viterbo Players 3/21-25/1973
Hodgens and Howard- Duo Pianists 03/13/1973
“On Death and Dying”: Lecture by Elizabeth Kubler Ross 05/09/1973


Jerome Hines-Bass 10/14/1973
Dame Margo Fonteyn & Desmond Kelly 11/10/1973
Indianapolis Symphony 11/14/1973
“Godspell” Broadway Touring Show 11/18-19/1973
Young Jefferson 11/26-28/1973
“The Play of Herod” and a Madrigal Christmas Party; Viterbo Music and Theatre Departments 11/30 -12/2/1973
Walid Howrani, Pianist 01/17/1974
"Tartuffe" 1/22-26/1974
“Potpourri”; Viterbo Music Department 1/31-2/4/1974
“The Untamed Land’: American Dance Theatre 02/01/1974
Concordia Choir 02/11/1974
The Young Americans 02/19/1974
Milwaukee Symphony 02/20/1974
“My Sister Eileen”; Viterbo Theatre Department 2/23-25/1974
“Two Gentlemen from Verona” 03/09/1974
“The Pirates of Penzance”; Viterbo Music and Theatre Departments 3/22-24/1974
Luther College Concert Band & Nordic Choir 04/01/1974
“My Fair Lady” 7/12-20/1974


“Pills-A-Poppin” 9/20-22/1974
Emmett Kelly Jr.’s All Star Circus 10/4-6/1974
Madame Lili Kraus, Pianist 10/13/1974
“I remember Mama”; Viterbo Theatre Department 10/25-27/1974
Gus Giordano American Jazz Dance Company 10/31/1974
Indianapolis Symphony, featuring Arthur Tabachnick 11/123/1974
Indianapolis Symphony “Lolipop Concert” 11/16/1974
Christmas Chorale Concert and Party; Viterbo Music Department 12/7-9/1974
Alan Titus; baritone, and Patricia Brooks; soprano 01/23/1975
Ralph Nader: Lecture 01/27/1975
“The Sunshine Boys” Broadway Touring Show 01/29-30/1975
The Milwaukee Ballet 02/09/1975
Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” 02/13/1975
Norwegian Soloists Choir of Oslo 02/16/1975
Shakespeare’s “Henry IV” (Part I) 02/21/1975
Moliere’s “The School for Wives” 02/21/1975
Brandon Thomas’s “Cherley’s Aunt” 02/22/1975
“Ernest in Love”; Viterbo Theatre Department 3/13-15/1975
Young Abe Lincoln 4/7-9/1975



“Ah!, Wilderness” 09/27/1975
William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” 09/28/1975
Cavalcade of American Theatre 09/28/1975
“Plain and Fancy”; Viterbo Theatre Department 10/24-26/1975
Bert Phillips-Cellist 11/02/1975
“1776” 11/4-5/1975
Screwtape Letters 11/19-24/1975
Dimitri 11/22/1975
Christmas Chorale Concert and Lobby Party ; Viterbo Music Department 12/6-8/1975
Mr. Finger’s Magic Show 01/23/1976
“La Boheme”; Canadian Opera Company 02/10/1976
“The Nutcracker”; Milwaukee Ballet 02/21/1976
“The Raymonda Pas de Deux” and “The Nutcracker Suite, Act II” 02/22/1976
“Mary, Mary”; Viterbo Theatre Department 3/12-14/1976
“Flamenco Bullfight” 03/25/1976
“Studying for the Gallows”, “The Cannon in the Park”, “Dames at Sea” 4/1-3/1976
Simon Estes- Baritone 04/14/1976
“The Marriage of Figaro”; Viterbo Music and Theatre Departments 4/30-5/3/1976
Joffrey II Ballet 05/10/1976
Kismet: A Musical Arabian Night 7/11-13/1976


“Hello Dolly”; Viterbo Theatre Department 10/15-17/1976
“Royal Gambit” 11/18-22/1976
“Messiah” 12/12/1976
Mummenschanz 02/17/1977
The Milwaukee Symphony 02/22/1977
A Hatful of Rain 2/24-28/1977
The Soldiers Tale: Igor Stravinsky 3/4-5/1977
“As You Like It” 4/22-24/1977
Tiger at the Gates 4/23-25/1977
“Carousel”, “Our Town”, and “Carnival”; Viterbo Theatre Department 6/29-7/18/1977
The Tamburitzans dates unknown
“Much Ado About Nothing” dates unknown
“The Tavern” dates unknown
Ballet Folk of Moscow, USA dates unknown
“American Sampler” featuring Ronald Rogers dates unknown
Malvin Stecker & Norman Horiwitz- Duo pianists dates unknown
Christmas Concert and Lobby Party; Viterbo Music Department dates unknown
“Cabaret”; Viterbo Theatre Department dates unknown
St. Paul Chamber Orchestra dates unknown
New York Vocal Arts Ensemble dates unknown
Stars and Stripes Forever: The Story of Betsy Ross dates unknown     
Boyanihan Phillipine Dancers dates unknown


Woody Herman 09/01/1977
“Merry Widow”; National Opera Company                       09/23/1977
Moliere’s “The Miser” 10/6-10/1977
Vienna Boys Choir 10/20/1977
Claude Kipnis Mime Theatre 11/2-4/1977
Les Treteau de Paris Theatre 11/05/1977
Harvey 11/18-20/1977
Christmas Concert and Lobby Party 12/2-4/1977
Carlos Montoya, Guitarist 01/21/1978
Minnesota Dance Theatre 1/6-28/1978
Wolverines 02/11/1978
Becket 2/24-26/1978
New York Harp Ensemble 03/16/1978
Menotti’s “The Counsel” 4/7-9/1978
“La Tuna” and “Flamenco Bullfight” 04/10/1978
La Crosse Symphony with Victor Borge 04/16/1978
Old Creamery Theatre 4/17-19/1978
Mac Frampton 04/26/1978
The Member of the Wedding 4/27-30/1978
“Blithe Spirit”; Viterbo Repertory School 7/18-22/1978
“Bus Stop”; Viterbo Repertory School 7/18-22/1978
“Brigadoon”; Viterbo Repertory School 7/18-22/1978
“The Sound of Music”; Viterbo Repertory School 7/18-22/1978
Bell of Amherst- Jennifer Taylor dates unknown
Linda Hopkins dates unknown
Roger Wagner dates unknown
The Dubrovnik Festival Orchestra dates unknown
Minnesota Orchestra dates unknown


Celebration Mime Theater Company 9/28-30/1978
An Evening with Tevye/ Jerry Jerret 10/18/1978
William Hall Chorale 11/06/1978
The Importance of Being earnest; Viterbo Players 11/17-19/1978
The Boys Town Choir 11/26/1978
Annapolis Brass Quintet 01/24/1979
Nancy Hauser Dance Company 2/1-3/1979
Rita Gardner 02/10/1979
The Graz Chamber Orchestra 02/28/1979
Mac Frampton 03/08/1979
Tucson Boys Chorus 04/07/1979
William Shakespears “The Tempest"; Viterbo Players 4/20-22/1979
Wilnus Chamber Orchestra of Lithuania dates unknown
Endre Balogh- Violinist dates unknown
“Romeo & Juliet”: National Players Theatre dates unknown
Illusion Theatre dates unknown


Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra 09/16/1979
“Fiddler on the Roof”: Viterbo Theatre Department with Paul Lipson 10/11-14/1979
Carlos Montoya dates unknown
Milwaukee Symphony dates unknown
P.D.Q. Bach 01/16/1980
The New Pooh 02/09/1980
Diary of Anne Frank 2/29 & 3/1-2/1980
Peter Nero dates unknown
Marylene Dosse- Pianist dates unknown
“The Glass Menagerie”: Guthrie Theatre dates unknown
“The Taming of the Shrew”: Milwaukee Repertory Theater Company dates unknown
Dimitri dates unknown
“Thurber I”- William Windom dates unknown
“Cinderella”: Atlanta Ballet dates unknown
Minnesota Dance Theatre dates unknown
Paul Gaulin Mime Company dates unknown             


Vincent Price dates unknown
Minnesota Orchestra dates unknown
Bill Cosby dates unknown
Les ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo dates unknown
“The Nutcracker” dates unknown
Chicago Brass Ensemble dates unknown
Preservation Hall Jazz Band dates unknown
Vienna Boys Choir dates unknown
Ferrante & Teichner dates unknown
Dimitri dates unknown
“The Elixir of Love”- Western Opera Theatre dates unknown


Minnesota Orchestra 09/13/1981
Jack Daniels Silver Cornet Band 10/9-10/1981
APT; Comedy of Errors, Two Gentlemen of Verona , A Midsummer Night’s Dream 10/22-24/1981
The Physicists; Viterbo Theatre Department  11/20-22/1981
Christmas Concert and Lobby Party: Viterbo Music Department 12/4-6/1981
“Annie” 12/18-20/1981
Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra 01/29/1982
Kevin McCarthy in “Give `Em Hell Harry” 02/07/1982
North Carolina Dance Theatre 2/11-13/1982
My Fair Lady: Viterbo Theatre Department 2/26-28/1982
Hartford Ballet Company 3/19-20/1982
Aman International Folk Ensemble 4/16-18/1982
Peter Nero, Pianist 05/7-8/1982
“The Rainmaker” dates unknown
Laser Light Show dates unknown
West Wisconsin Ballet dates unknown
John Hartford dates unknown
John Prine in Concert dates unknown                    


Victor Borge 09/10/1982
“The Pirates of Penzance” 9/29-30/1982
The Newport Jazz Festival of Stars 10/15-16/1982
Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra 11/03/1982
“Night of the Iguana”: Viterbo Theatre Department 11/19-21/1982
“The Nutcracker”: Wisconsin Ballet Company 12/7-8/1982
Ars Musica: Boroque Orchestra 01/29/1983
All New Riverboat Ragtime Revue 3/5-6/1983
Viterbo Music Department’s “Oliver” 3/25-27/1983
George Shearing Duo 4/8-9/1983
Itzhak Perlman 5/11-12/1983


“Blues in the Night” with Della Reese 9/16-17/1983
Country Matters: Selected Seductions from Shakespeare 9/28-29/1983
Ferrante and Teichner 10/19-20/1983
Fred Warring and the New Pennsylvanians 11/02/1983
“Mame”: Viterbo Theatre Department 11/18-20/1983
Issac Stern, violin 01/27/1984
The Crystal Slipper 3/2-3/1984
String Fever 03/21/1984
“Hansel and Gretel”: Viterbo Music Department 3/30-31 & 4/1/1984
“The Importance of Being earnest”: Guthrie Theatre 4/11-12/1984
The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra 05/10/1984


Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra 09/13/1984
Ray Caharles 9/25-26/1984
Hubbard Street Dance Company 10/12/1984
Dimitri: Un Clown Extraordinaire 11/2-3/1984
The Matchmaker: Viterbo Theater Production 11/16-18/1984
Shari Lewis Christmas Show 12/12-13/1984
Misha Dichter, piano 2/2-3/1985
“Company”: Viterbo Music/Theatre Department 2/22-24/1985
Waverly Consort 03/14/1985
Burl Ives 03/26-27/1985
Julliard String Quartet 05/13/1985


Hal Holbrook in “Mark Twain Tonight” 09/20-21/1985
“An Italian Straw Hat”: Viterbo Theatre Department 10/11-13/1985
Houston Symphony with Emmanuel Ax 11/08/1985
Marian McPartland Jazz Duo 11/17/1985
“Messiah”: Viterbo Music Department 12/7-8/1985
“The Merry Wives of Windsor”: The American Players Theatre 02/5-6/1986
Chicago Symphony Chamber Players 02/23/1986
The Irish Rovers 03/15-16/1986
“Candide”: Viterbo Music/Theatre Departments 4/11-13/1986
Hubbard Street Dance Company 4/29-30/1986
Canadian Brass 05/14/1986


The Minnesota Orchestra 09/13/0986
“The Rivals”: Viterbo theatre Department 10/10-12/1986
I Solisti Italiani 10/26/1986
Milwaukee Ballet 11/15/1986
Alicia de Larrocha 11/23/1986
“A Festival of Lessons and Carols”: Viterbo Music Department dates unknown
“Carmen”: Viterbo Music Department dates unknown
Jean-Pierre Rampal 03/04/1987
Mr. Jack Daniel’s Silver Coronet Band 03/24/0987
“Can-Can” 04/08/1987
Cleo Lane and John Dankworth 04/29/1987


Canadian Brass 09/12/1987
Lorin Hollander 09/22/1987
“The Sound of Music”: Viterbo Music/Theatre Departments 10/9-11/1987
Polish Chamber Orchestra 10/27/1987
Dukes of Dixieland 11/18/1987
“Amahl and the Night Visitors”; Viterbo Music Department 12/5-6/1987
“Frankenstein”: Guthrie Theatre 01/20/1988
“The Lion in Winter”: Viterbo Theatre Department 02/26/1988
“ Swan Lake”: the Dayton Ballet 03/23/1988
Beaux Arts Trio 04/13/1988
Mark Russell 05/03/1988


Academy of Ancient Music Chamber Ensemble 09/21/1988
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”: Viterbo Theatre Department 10/14-16/1988
The Kings Singers 10/27/1988
“ New York Counterpoint”: with Richard Stoltzman 11/12/1988
“Messiah”: Viterbo Music Department 12/3-4/1988
Agatha Christie's “Towards Zero”: Asolo State Theatre 02/07/1989
The Irish Rovers 03/15/1989
Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra 03/29/1989
Joseph Holmes Dance Theatre 04/18/1988
Katia and Marielle Labeque; Duo Pianists 05/06/1989


Dizzy Gillespie 09/15/1989
Burl Ives 09/26/1989
“ Angel Street ”: Viterbo Theatre Department 10/13-15/1989
“Madame Butterfly”; Minnesota Opera Company 11/10/1989
Raggedy Ann  and Andy 11/21/1989
J.S. Bach’s “The Magnificat”; Viterbo Music Department 12/2-3/1989
Hungarian State Folk Ensemble 02/06/1990
“Brigadoon”: Viterbo Music and Theatre Departments 2/23-25/1990
Vienna Boys Choir 03/07/1990
“Romeo & Juliet”: Hartford Ballet 03/21/1990
Matt Haimovitz 04/06/1990
“Big River”: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 04/17/1990


“Ernie Pyle” with William Wimdom 09/21/1990
“The Madwoman of Chaillot”: Viterbo Theatre Department 10/12-14/1990
Budapest Chamber Orchestra 10/24/1990
American Dance Theatre 11/14/1990
“Amahl and the Night Visitors”: Viterbo Music Department 12/1-2/1990
“The Pajama Game” 01/22/1991
Dapogny’s Chicago Jazz Band 02/09/1991
“The Barber of Seeratory Ensemble 03/22/1991
Dubna Classical Trio 04/13/1991
Flying Karamazov Brothers 04/24/1991


“The Magic Flute”: Minnesota Opera Company 09/21/1991
“Twelfth Night”: Viterbo Theater Department 10/11-13/1991
The Canterville Ghost 10/16/1991
Solid Brass 11/08/1991
“Gypsy” 11/26/1991
“Messiah”; Viterbo Music Department 12/7-8/1991
Joshua Bell 02/02/1992
The Magnificent Mazowsze: Polish Dance 02/15/1992
“A Little Night Music”: Viterbo Music/Theatre Departments 2/28-29 & 3/1/1992
Bulgarian State Folk Female Choir 03/17/1992
Chicago Dance Theatre; Joseph Holmes 04/22/1992
Milwaukee Symphony 05/06/1992


George Winston 09/15/1992
“Dido and Aeneas”: Viterbo Music Department 10/16-17/1992
Africa Oye’ 11/01/1992
Chanticleer 11/17/1992
“Gloria”: Viterbo Music Department 12/5-6/1992
Banu Gibson and her New Orleans Hot Jazz Band 01/23/1993
The Leipzig Chamber Orchestra 02/12/1993
“The Miser” Viterbo Theatre Department 02/26-28/1993
The Parsons Dance Company 03/24/1993
Artaria Quartet of Boston 04/14/1993
“Grand Hotel’ 05/04/1993


Banu Gibson and her New Orleans Hot Jazz Band 09/18/1993
“The Tempest”: Viterbo Theatre Department 10/15-17/1993
I Musici de Montreal 11/02/1993
“City of Angels” 11/16/1993
“Amahl and the Night Visitors”: Viterbo Music Department 12/4-5/1993
Ballet Chicago 02/12/1994
“Anything Goes”: Viterbo Music/Theatre Departments 02/25-27/1994
The Chieftains 03/24/1994
Mummenschanz 04/06/1994
Bundes Jugend Orchester 04/22/1994
Hambro Quartet of Pianos 05/04/1994


“South Pacific” 09/15/1994
“A Streetcar Named Desire”: Viterbo Theatre Department 10/14-16/1994
“Radio Days” 10/28/1994
Pinchus Zucherman, violin 11/17/1994
“Messiah”: Viterbo Music Department 12/3-4/1994
Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers 01/19/1995
Ethnic Dance Theatre 02/09/1995
“Marriage of Figaro”: Viterbo Music Department 02/24-26/1995
Garrick Ohlsson, piano 03/19/1995
Lewitsky Dance Company 04/04/1995
Wynton Marsalis Septet 04/23/1995


Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, with Wynton Marsalis 09/28/1995
“The Foreigner”: Viterbo Theatre Department 10/13-15/1995
Ballet Folklorico National de Chile 10/28/1995
Will Rogers Follies 11/15/1995
Poulenc’s “Gloria” and Lobby Party: Viterbo Music Department 12/2-3/1995
Beausoleil avec Michael Douet 01/19/1996
“The Secret Garden ”: Viterbo Music/Theatre Departments 02/16-18/1996
Moscow Virtuosi and Vladimir Spivakov 02/20/1996
Waverly Consort 03/22/1996
Butch Thompson Trio 04/20/1996
Paul Taylor Dance 05/01/1996


42nd Street 09/25/1996
“You Can’t Take It With You”: Viterbo Theatre Department 10/10-12/1996
Tricia Park, Violin 10/30/1996
George Shearing 11/09/1996
Victor Borge; 25th Anniversary Gala 11/20/1996
“Amahl and the Night Visitors”: Viterbo Music/Theatre Departments 12/7-8/1996
Ballet Iowa : Dr. Zhivago 01/18/1997
The Real Group 02/14/1997
“The Magic Flute”: Viterbo Music Department 02/21-23/1997
Riders in the Sky 03/14/1997
Sergio and Odair Assad, Guitar Duo 04/11/1997
Nuclear Whales Saxophone Orchestra 04/29/1997


The Kingston Trio 09/23/1997
“The Threepenny Opera’: Viterbo Music/Theatre Departments 10/10-12/1997
Joe Lovano Celebrates Sinatra 11/12/1997
“Messiah”: Viterbo Music Department 12/06-07/1997
George Winston 12/09/1997
Prague Chamber Orchestra 01/27/1998
“The Importance of Being Earnest”: Viterbo Theatre Department 2/27-28 & 3/1/1998
Irish National Radio Orchestra and Dancers 03/13/1998
Eugenia Zucherman, flute, and the Shanghai Quartet 03/31/1998
Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Carousel” 04/17/1998
Steve Allen and Jane Meadows in “Love Letters” (cancelled) 04/29/1998


Canadian Brass 09/20/1998
“Once Upon a Mattress”: Viterbo Theatre Department 10/9-11/1998
Special Added Performance: Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua 10/28/1998
Milwaukee Ballet 11/05/1998
Corey Cerovsek, violin, with Katja Cerovsek, piano 11/24/1998
“A Ceremony of Carols”: Viterbo Music Department 12/5-6/1998
Heidi Grant Murphy & Les Violons du Roy 01/28/1999
Irish Rovers 02/28/1999
Netherlands Symphony Orchestra 03/02/1999
Porgy and Bess 03/23/1999
“Cinderella”: Viterbo Music/Theatre Departments 04/16-18/1999
Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra: Tribute to Ellington 04/21/1999


Billy Taylor Trio 09/18/1999
“A Flea in Her Ear”: Viterbo Theatre Department 10/8-10/1999
Quartetto Gelato 10/20/1999
The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber 11/16/1999
“Amahl and the Night Visitors”: Viterbo Music Department 12/4-5/1999
1776 02/08/2000
Harlem Spiritual Ensemble 02/27/2000
River North Dance Company 03/15/2000
The Tamburitzans 03/25/2000
Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Iolanthe”: Viterbo Music/Theatre Departments 04/14-16/2000
Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson 05/03/2000


American Repertory Ballet 09/28/2000
“She Stoops to Conquer” Viterbo Theatre Department 10/13-15/2000
American Players Theater- A Midsummer Night’s Dream 10/25/2000
Trinity Irish Dance Company 11/05/2000
Vienna Boys Choir 12/02/2000
“Messiah”: Viterbo Music Department 12/9-10/2000
Ladysmith Black Mambazo 02/14/2001
Crazy for You 03/02/2001
“Cosi Fan Tutti”: Viterbo Music/Theatre Departments 3/30-31 & 4/1/2001
The Glen Miller Orchestra 04/29/2001
Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra 05/08/2001


Club Swing 09/15/2001
“Into the Woods”: Viterbo Music/Theatre Departments 10/12-14/2001
Yamato 11/01/2001
Special Added Performances: Tap Dogs 11/02/2001
Sweet Honey in the Rock 11/18/2001
“Hodie” and Traditional Lobby Party: Viterbo Music Department 12/1-2/2001
Annie Get Your Gun 02/09/2002
Trio Voronezh 02/23/2002
Vogler Quartet with Angela Cheng 03/21/2002
Regina Carter Quintet 04/11/2002
“The Crucible”: Viterbo Theatre Department 04/19-21/2002
Dayton Contemporary Dance Company: The Mikado 05/04/2002


Forbidden Hollywood 09/12/2002
Celebrating 100 Years of Richard Rodgers 10/11-13/2002
Special Added Performances: The Taming of the Shrew 10/29/2002
Doc Severinsen 11/12/2002
Turtle Island String Quartet with Ying Quartet 11/17/2002
“Christmas Celebration”: Viterbo Music Department 12/7-8/2002
Les Percussions de Guinee 01/28/2003
Fosse 02/07/2003
Die Fledermaus: Viterbo Theatre Department 2/28 & 3/1-2/2003
Cherish the Ladies 03/17/2003
Le Trio Gershwin 04/04/2003
Ain’t Misbehavin’ 04/29/2003


Blind Boys of Alabama 09/23/2003
“No, No Nanette”: Viterbo Music/Theatre Departments 10/12-14/2003
Belize National Dance Company 11/06/2003
Burning River Brass 11/23/2003
Windham Hill- Winter Solstice 12/03/2003
Swan Lake- Moscow Ballet 02/02/2004
“Noises Off”: Viterbo Theatre Department 02/20-22/2004
Singin’ in the Rain 03/12/2004
Marcus Belgrave 03/19/2004
Special Added Performance: Peking Acrobats 03/30/2004
Ethos Percussion Ensemble 04/03/2004
Marvin Hamlisch 05/02/2004


Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis 09/13/2004
“Great Expectations”: Viterbo Theatre Department 10/8-10/2004
King’s Singers 10/30/2004
The Amadus Trio 11/12/2004
“Messiah”: Viterbo Music Department 12/4-5/2005
Hubbard Street 2 02/04/2005
“Pirates of Penzance”: Viterbo Music/Theatre Departments 02/25-27/2005
Soweto Gospel Choir 03/02/2005
Christopher O’Riley & Fred Hersch 03/19/2005
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 04/12/2005
Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo 04/22/2005


Canadian Brass 09/23/05
“How to Succeed in Business”: Viterbo Theatre Department 10/14-17/2005
Thoroughly Modern Millie 11/01/2005
Yamato 11/06/2005
Music Christmas: Viterbo Music Department 12/3-4/2005
Russian National Ballet 01/23/2006
American Indian Dance Theater 02/06/2006
“The Importance of Being Earnest”: Viterbo Theatre Department 2/24-26/2006
Special Added Performance: Aquila Theatre Company: “Hamlet” 03/17/2006
La Pieta 03/18/2006
Appalachia Waltz Trio 04/06/2006
My Sinatra 04/26/2006


Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s “Dracula” 09/20/2006
“The Magic Flute” Viterbo Music/Theatre Departments 10/13-15/2006
The Royal Drummers of Burundi 10/23/2006
Camelot 11/02/2006
A Tribute to Benny Goodman 11/11/2006
“Messiah”: Viterbo Music Department 12/02-03/2006
Chinese Golden Dragon Acrobats 02/10/2007
“Blithe Spirit”: Viterbo Theatre Department 02/23-25/2007
Arnoldo Cohen, piano 03/15/2007
North Carolina Dance Theater’s “Under Southern Skies” 03/25/2007
Nadja Salerno Sonnenberg, violin, and Anne-Marie McDermott, piano 04/17/2007


Harlem Gospel Choir 09/21/2007
Tartuffe: Viterbo Music/Theatre Department 10/12-14/2007
Bavarian Philharmonic 10/26/2007
Hot Club of San Francisco 11/04/2007
A Viterbo Christmas: Viterbo Music Department 12/2-4/2007
Tango Fire 01/30/2008
An Evening With Groucho 02/10/2008
Plain and Fancy: Viterbo Theatre Department 02/22-24/2008
I Love a Piano 03/17/2008
The 5 Browns 04/01/2008
Ballet Hispanico 04/15/2008



Jim Brickman 09/25/2008
Our Town: Viterbo Theatre Department 10/10-12/2008
Movin' Out 11/05/2008
Cab Calloway Orchestra 11/22/2008
A Viterbo Christmas: Viterbo Music Department 12/6-7/2008
Bobby McFerrin 01/28/2009
Hansel and Gretel: Viterbo Music/Theatre Departments 02/20-22/2009
African Children's Choir 03/10/2009
Boys of the Lough 03/21/2009
Dallas Brass 04/03/2009
Moscow Festival Ballet: Don Quixote 05/05/2009


Neil Berg's 100 Years of Broadway 11/19/2009
Room Service: Viterbo Theatre Department 10/16-18/2009
Bowfire 10/25/2009
Cirque le Masque 11/22/2009
Handel's Messiah: Viterbo Music Department 12/5-6-2009
I Musici de Montreal 01/31/2010
The Aluminum Show 03/04/2010
Ed Asner as FDR 03/25/2010
The Parker Quartet 04/11/2010
Jump Rhythm Jazz Project 04/30/2010
Stay Tuned 05/05/2010


The Flying Karamazov Brothers 9/18/2010 
The Servant of Two Masters: Viterbo Theatre Department 10/8–10/2010
Rodgers & Hammerstein’s—Oklahoma! 10/13/2010
Moscow State Symphony—Featuring Jeremy Denk, piano 11/5/2010
Viterbo Christmas: Viterbo Music Department 12/4–5/2010
Chanticleer 2/1/2011
Pilobolus 2/10/2011
The Marriage of Figaro: Viterbo Music/Theatre Departments 2/25–27/2011
Craicmore 3/22/2011
The Peking Acrobats 4/5/2011
Simply Sinatra 5/3/2011




Vince: The Life and Times of Vince Lombardi 09/30/2011
The Sound of Music: Viterbo Music/Theatre Departments 10/14-16/2011
Yamato 10/19/2011
Boston Brass    11/15/2011
Handel's Messiah: Viterbo Music Department 12/03/2011
Moscow Festival Ballet's Romeo and Juliet 01/17/2012
The Color Purple 02/09/2012
The Secret Garden: Viterbo Music/Theatre Departments 02/24-26/2012
Soweto Gospel Choir 03/15/2012
Rich Little in Jimmy Stewart - A Humorous Look at His Life 03/31/2012
Viver Brasil 04/19/2012


Franc D'Ambrosio's Broadway 09-22/2012
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum: Viterbo Theatre Department 10/12-14/2012
Moulin Rouge 10/31/2012
Pride and Prejudice 11/07/2012
A Viterbo Christmas: Viterbo Music Department 12/01-02/2012
Rastrelli Cello Quartet 01/24/2013
Shrek the Musical 02/07/2013
Rossini's Cinderella: Viterbo Theatre and Music Theatre Department 02/22-24/2013
Celtic Crossroads 03/19/2013
Momix 04/18/2013
The Musical Genius of Duke Ellington 04/27/2013


Ring of Fire: The Life and Music of Johnny Cash 9/13/2013
Little Women: The Broadway Musical- Viterbo Theatre and Music Theatre Department 10/11-13/2013
Tango Fire 10/16/2013
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra 11/6/2013
Amahl and the Night Visitors- Viterbo Music Department 12/7-8/2013
The Mystery of Edwin Drood- Viterbo Theatre and Music Theatre Department 2/21-23/2014
Women of Ireland 3/21/2014
Paul Taylor 2 Dance Company 4/1/2014
Cantus: A Place for Us 4/12/2014
STOMP 4/27-28/2014
Chita: A Legendary Celebration 5/1/2014


The Magic of Bill Blagg Live! 9/21/2014
Pippin- Viterbo Theatre and Music Theatre Department 10/10-12/2014
Ailey II 11/1/2014
The Rose Ensemble 11/12/2014
Handel's Messiah- Viterbo Music Department 12/6-7/2014
Anything Goes 1/20/2015
James Sewell Ballelt: Lover and Other Works 1/30/2015
The Mikado- Viterbo Music Department 2/21-22/2015
Caladh Nua 3/3/2015
Montana Repertory Theatre's The Great Gatsby 3/22/2015
The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain 4/14/2015


New Orleans' Own Dukes of Dixieland 9/23/2015
Oklahoma! - Viterbo Theatre and Music Theatre Department 10/9-11/2015
Cirque Mechanics: Pedal Punk 11/7/2015
Visions from Cape breton and Beyond: A Celtic Family Celebration 11/17/2015
Christmas Around the World - Viterbo Music Department 12/5-6/2015
Million Dollar Quartet 1/26/2016
A Tribute to Benny Goodman: The Julian Bliss Septet 1/28/2016
Voces 8 2/23/2016
Montana Repertory Theatre presents All My Sons by Arthur Miller 3/2/2016
Aspen Santa Fe Ballet 3/18/2016




Vicki Lawrence and Mama: A Two-Woman Show 9/18/2016
William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet - Viterbo Theatre and Music Theatre Department 10/7-9/2016
Mamma Mia! 10/18/2016
Luis Bravo's Forever Tango 11/2/2016
Jim Brickman: Pure Piano - The Greatest Hits 11/12/2016
Handel's Messiah - Viterbo Music Department 12/3-4/2016
Giordano Dance Chicago 2/9/2017
Orpheus in the Underworld - Viterbo Music Department 3/4-5/2017
The Young Irelanders 3/21/2017
Mnozil Brass 3/31/2017
Recycled Percussion 5/3/2017


9 to 5 The Musical: Viterbo Theatre and Music Theatre Department 10/13-15/2017
The King's Singers 11/14/2017
A Viterbo Christmas: Viterbo Music Department 12/2-3/2017
Moscow Festival Ballet's Giselle 1/23/2018
Diavolo 2/6/2018
Yamato: The Drummers of Japan 2/11/2018
Jersey Boys 2/21-22/2018
Rhythm of the Dance 3/8/2018
Bryan Anthony - Celebrating Sinatra: His Life in Music 4/20/2018