Saturday, February 16 at 7 pm
Fine Arts Center Main Theatre
Adult - Main Floor $23 • Lower Balcony $19 • Upper Balcony $15
Child - Main Floor $19 • Lower Balcony $15 • Upper Balcony $11

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Luma is an exhilarating light spectacle that captures the audience’s imagination by using the dark as the canvas and light as the brush to create colorful illusions while combining rhythmic gymnastics, dance, magic, puppetry, and physics with well-coordinated motion. Fireflies dance, shooting stars flash across a darkened stage, screen savers undulate, carnival rides spin, and an EKG monitors the heartbeat of the body electric in a unique theatrical experience that will leave audience members of all ages mesmerized and full of wonder.

To learn more, visit Luma Theater's website.

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Event Dates: 

Saturday, Feb. 16, 7:00 pm