Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Upcoming Events


Housing 101
Monday, 9/24, 6 p.m.
Brophy 123
Get information about living on campus vs. renting off campus.  Learn how to find an apartment
     what to look for when renting, how to avoid scams, and much more!

Budgeting Basics
Wednesday, 10/17, 3:30 p.m.
Murphy 348
Budgeting basics are the foundation of every financial plan.  Attend this session to learn about
     basic budgeting principles, various apps and trackers, and the importance of having a spending
     plan to stay on track with your finances.

Housing 102
Monday, 11/26, 6 p.m.
Living off campus next year?  Attend this session to learn more about signing leases, renter's
     insurance, protecting your rights as a renter, and more!  




Viterbo University and its respective associates and employees cannot provide legal, accounting, or tax advice or services. All individuals have unique circumstances regarding their personal financial situations and should seek personal, professional, and expert advice based on their particular circumstances. Financial literacy resources are provided for informational purposes only.