Financial Literacy



GradReady Banner AdDoes the world of credit, banks and student loans seem intimidating?

GradReady is here to help. GradReady will teach you real-world money skills to help you make informed decisions. It has interactive tools that will enable you to put your new financial skills into practice immediately. From the GradReady website, "GradReady is here to help you increase your money IQ, improve your fiscal confidence, and gain a financial fluency that enriches your life. Consider GradReady to be your financial sidekick that will guide you through college and beyond." 

So, begin by clicking on the "Start now!" button above and log in to this valuable money management website that has engaging videos and tools about real-world topics like credit, student loans and identity theft.

This service is free for you to use, and because GradReady is online, it is right at your fingertips when your busy schedule permits.

Get smarter. Financially.



Viterbo University and its respective associates and employees cannot provide legal, accounting, or tax advice or services. All individuals have unique circumstances regarding their personal financial situations and should seek personal, professional, and expert advice based on their particular circumstances. Financial literacy resources are provided for informational purposes only.