Office 365 is the brand name used by Microsoft for a group of software plus services subscriptions that provides productivity software and related services to its subscribers. For Viterbo employees and students, the service allows the use of Microsoft Office Online (Word, Excel and Power Point), provides unlimited storage space on Microsoft's cloud storage service OneDrive, includes Skype for Business chat tool, and Outlook Web Access 2015.  To access Office 365 a Viterbo user will enter their full email address and their network password.

Office 365 Video Series (click for videos explaining all below features).  

The breakdown of features/services is as follows: 

  • Office 365 Pro Plus - All employees and enrolled-students can download/install the newest version of Microsoft Office on their personal devices, free of charge.  This is not required and is a free service that is offered as part of your account.  If you have already purchased the newest copy of Microsoft Office, then this portion isn't needed for you, unless at some point you'd wish to upgrade to a newer version.  Once a student graduates/leaves Viterbo, their email account remains active for 18 months, due to 1098T Tax Form availabilty reasons.  Once your email account is removed from Viterbo's system, if you installed the Office 365 Pro Plus offer, you would at that point need to purchase a personal subcription to the software, which runs approximatly $80 for 4-years.  Within that 4-year window, you would then again be entitiled to download all new versions of Microsoft Office.  

    As of 8/1/2015 the newest versions downloadable are Office 2013 for PC and Office 2011 for Mac.  Office 2015 for PC is expected soon after the Windows 10 release.  Office 2016 for Mac is expected late 2015.

    To see this offer, click the "Office 365" link in the upper left after signing in, or click this link:  https://portal.office.com/Home.

    If you are an employee and/or enrolled student, and don't have this offer, please email officeproplus@viterbo.edu.  
  • Email (aka Outlook Web Access)  - Viterbo's Legacy Email System was called Outlook Web 2007 (for Employees, most recently Outlook 2013 Client on work PCs).  For Employees there is little change with moving to Office 365, simply a redirect of Outlook 2013 client's server setting.  For employees and students accessing their email through the Web however, there is a considerable Upgrade.  The new email is Outlook Web 2015 (aka "Office 365" or "Outlook Web Access").
    • Employees prior Mailbox Storage was 500MB.  Once moved to Office 365, storage capcity increases to 50GB. 
    • Students prior Mailbox Storage was 200MB.  Once moved to Office 365, storage capacity increases to 50GB.  
  • Calendar App - Full featured, View Shared calendars from other Viterbo users, and create calendar-groups.  
  • Address Book (aka "People App") - Find a Viterbo user and you can email, schedule a meeting, and Lync-chat from the People App.  
  • Microsoft Skype for Business (SfB formerlly Lync) - Built in to the People App, Lync allows you to instant-message other users at Viterbo with live-chat and web-conferencing abilities.  When you find someone in the People App, you will notice a "color presence" next to their picture.  You can click on the "chat" icon to initiate a live-chat with that person (assuming they are available).  
    • Green - Available
    • Red - Busy
    • Yellow - Idle
    • Red with white-line - Do Not Disturb
    • Blue - Offline
  • Microsoft OneDrive - As part of the upgrade all accounts now have an unlimted Microsoft OneDrive Account (previously the limit was 1TB, but has since been upgraded to unlimited capacity).  File capacity is set at 20,000 files currently.  OneDrive ties in with the online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint and allows you to save, share and collaborate with others all while saving your files on OneDrive.  OneDrives saves all changes automatically and allows you to go "back in time" by using the Version-History Function.  If you open and work on a OneDrive file from any lab on campus, there is no more worry if the PC is restarted and thus losing your work.  No more worry of losing or damaging your flash drive.  You can log in on any PC in the world, and if your files are stored in your OneDrive, you can access them.  
  • Microsoft "Sites" - This ties in to SharePoint and is for employee use.  This allows departments to share files out from a "departmental share" that can then be accessed from anywhere in the world (versus only here at Viterbo).  The current limit to this is 5,000 files.  If you are an employee of Viterbo and wish to try out a "Site", please email cegilbeck@viterbo.edu.  
  • Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint Online - The last component are the "Online Versions" of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.  When you log in to your new Office 365 Account you will see these on the App Page.  For example, if you were to go to a coffee shop and sit down to work on a Word Document, and you realize they do not have Microsoft Office installed, you can simply sign in to your Office 365 Portal and can launch Word Online directly from your App's Page or by clicking "NEW" in OneDrive.  OneDrive will also detect if a full copy of Microsoft Office is installed on a PC/Mac and ask you if you want to open the file in Word Online or Word 2013 (or older version).  If you open in the full version, you may have to click to allow it to launch (security precaution).  


Sample screen shots: 

SIGN-IN PAGE - Note you need to use your full email-address for your username!



Office 365 Pro Plus - The free offer to download/install Microsoft Office - NOT REQUIRED 



Office 365 Apps - These are the Apps available to you from your Office 365 Account.