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Perceptive Content is a technology tool utilized for Document Management.  

End users of this system may be using the desktop client, ImageNow, or the web version, DMSWeb. Document Managment is used as our "file cabinets" for documents that have historically been in paper form.  These are documents that fall within our retention policy for record keeping.  

We are currently in the process of a staged rollout of Document Mangement.  Offices/Records currently kept in Document Managment are as follows: 

  • Admissions - Application Review processing (started Spring 2017)
  • Registrar - Student Records (started Spring 2017)


Access to Document Management

  • Data Request (online form) - Use this form when requesting access to data either within Colleague UI, Recruiter, Document Management or for a Reporting Server addition.  The form will send a request for approval to a supervisor and data owner.  Access can't be granted until both approvals have been received by IIT.
  • DMSWeb is accessed by logging into, with your typical network credentials. (Note: We recomment using IE or Firefox as your browser.  You'll also be required to install Java to access the web client)
  • To request ImageNow (Desktop client) installation please contact the University Helpdesk at 608-796-3871 or (Note: Only user that add documents to the Document Managment System require the desktop client.  All others may use the web site.)