Viterbo allows an allotment of free printing units to all Viterbo students; after the allotment has been used students can not print until they add additional printing units to their account. To manage this process; Viterbo employs a print management software on all public access computers. When you print you'll be asked to supply your Viterbo username & password and a display of how much printing 'charges' will be deducted from your account.

The details of the print management software are as follows:

How much of a prepaid paper allocation will I receive per semester?
Students with 1-11 credits: 21 paper units per credit (at a value of $0.06 per paper unit; for a total of $1.26 per credit)
Students with 12 credits and greater: 250 paper units (at a value of $0.06 per paper unit for a total of $15.00)
Unused paper allocations do not carry over from term to term.   
There are no adjustments based on your major; class level; or the types of courses you are taking.

How much will it cost each time I print?
(1) paper unit ($0.06 per page) for black and white laser printing.
(3) paper units ($0.18 per page) for color laser printing on 8.5 in X 11 in. paper (Library 115).
If printing from a duplex printer (4515x); back-to-back copies will be $0.02 less per two- pages. So rather than $0.12 for two separate copies; it would cost $0.10.
(9) paper units ($0.54 per page) for color inkjet printing on 11 in X 17 in. paper (Mac Lab)
(25) paper units ($1.50 per square foot) for inkjet printing on the plotter (FAC 440)

What if I run out of paper units when I need to print?
The print management software will not allow you to print a partial job if you do not have enough remaining paper units to complete the job. Each time you attempt to print; the system will indicate how many pages you will use (which are not reported as paper units) and how much it will cost you. You should always be able to know your available balance by clicking on the desktop icon “Printing Account Balance” and entering your account information.

How do I buy more paper units?
Additional paper units may be purchased at the circulation desk of the Todd Wehr Library and are available for immediate use on any of the networked lab computers across campus. The library maintains extensive open hours; so obtaining paper units can occur at any time the library is open. The same carryover policies apply to purchased units; as applies to prepaid.

How do I obtain credit for pages with poor printing quality?
You may obtain a credit for up to ten paper units per occurrence for printed pages with poor quality. You are responsible for watching the printing process and mitigating any losses due to poor printing; so poor printing in increments larger than 10 paper units will not be reimbursed. When you are seeking to obtain credit for poor quality printing; you are required to bring along the specific pages that did not print properly. You may bring those pages either to the Help Desk (MC 306) or the Library circulation desk.

What if I use my own paper?
There is no type of print savings or credit if you should choose to use your own paper in the printer. Your account will continue to be charged back at the same rate.

What if I change the number of credits I am registered for?
The number of prepaid paper units you are allocated will be determined based on the credit load you are registered for at the beginning of the semester. If you change your credit load at a later point in time; there are no changes to your paper unit allocation.

How do I report problems or ask questions about the print management software that is not addressed in this document?
Please contact the Help Desk at 796-3870 or email us at