You are provided with a unique username and password that provides you with access to our online and on-campus technology services.

Your Viterbo Username
Employee Accounts follow the rule of “first initial”; “middle initial”; “last name”
Example: Jason E. Smith –

Student accounts follow the rule of 'first inital' 'middle intial' 'first 4 letters of your last name' followed by a randomly generated number. To look up your username using the links below.

On-Campus students:

Off-Campus students:

Your Viterbo Password
Your Default Password is composed of the last four digits of SSN, the month/day of your birthday and V! added at the end, which creates a 10-digit alpha/numeric/symbol password.   If you do not have a SSN, then use 9999. 

Example: SSN: 123456789 Birthday: 09/20/1983 Password then would be: 67890920V!
You will use this username and password to access a variety of University systems and services; including email; Moodle; VitNet; and computer labs; printing; etc.


We would recommend that you register with our VUHelp Selfservice site and reset your initial password.  By registering with the SelfService system you will be able to reset a forgotten password in the future.