Your Flash-drive can be plugged in to ANY available USB slot on a PC or MAC.

Once plugged in to a USB slot; your 512MB USB Flash-drive will do a one-time setup. Once this is done; you
can open your “My Computer” and the Flash-drive will appear as the next available drive letter…. On my

computer it is drive E: as appears below.

Once your Flash-drive appears in the “My Computer” window; you can save anything to the Flash-drive by drag/drop between open windows or r use the File/Save/Save As” from within programs such as Word; Excel; Access; etc.
* Do NOT leave your Flash Drive plugged in for extended periods of time (i.e. Computer goes into SLEEP mode or Overnight) as this can DAMAGE the Flash Drive or cause Data loss!
** To avoid accidental data loss the Flash-drive MUST be stopped before you remove it from the USB slot.

To stop the USB Flash-drive
1. While the Flash drive is plugged in; there will be an icon in the tray (next to the Window’s time - typically in the lower right corner of the screen).

2. Double left-click the icon to bring up the “Safely Remove Hardware” screen.

3. Be sure “USB Mass Storage Device” is selected; and click Stop.
4. The “Stop a Hardware device” screen will appear…be sure “USB Mass Storage Device” is still selected
and say OK.

5. The green light on your Flash-drive should go out. It is now safe to remove the Flash-drive.