How do I access my Viterbo University Email account?

Viterbo University provides a Web Outlook Client for all users.

To access your email account; navigate to the Viterbo University homepage and click on the “my VU” button. From the “My VU” age; click on the Email link or Office365 link depending on which system your email resides on. 

If you log into our email system using Microsoft Internet Explorer you will encounter a website similar to the one shown below:

How do I access my Viterbo University VitNet Account?

You will use your Viterbo VitNet account to perform a variety of tasks related to your work at Viterbo University. Pay Stubs; Vacation/Sick Time; Tax Information; and department budget info (if allowed access).

Students use their VitNet account to check final grades at the end of each semester; and to enroll in classes before each semester. They also can check on financial aid status; produce a transcript; or check their class schedule for the current semester.

How Do I Give Someone Access to my VitNet Bill or Academic information?

Viterbo is excited to offer access to a tool; Parent Portal; which allows a student to grant access totheir academic (grades and degree audit) and/or financial information (tuitionbill; payment; and financial aid information) to parents; guardians or other responsible party.

VITERBO STUDENT: Grant Access by Logging into Vitnet and following the directions below. (click images for a larger view)

What are the email server settings for my phone or email client?

These directions are for connecting to Office 365.

Most phones you will need to choose “Exchange Active Sync” or“Corporate Sync” to get the correct path to set up Viterbo email. IMAP and POP3 will not work.

* Do not choose "Outlook.com" - that is the same as Hotmail, Live, and Microsoft, and is a personal account.   This will not work with Viterbo.  

Backup your Email to a PST file using Outlook 2010

If you'd like a video tutorial of this process please see the video below.

1) Within Outlook 2010; Click File

2) Click Options; Click Advanced; Click the Export Button next to ' Export Outlook information to a file for us in other programs'

3) From the Import and Export Wizard listing Choose to 'Export to a File' and click Next.

4) From the Export to a File Window Choose the file type 'Outlook Data File (pst)'; Click Next.

I received an e-mail from a friend that looks like a virus! What do I do?

You receive an e-mail from a trusted friend and colleague. It contains information; or has attached a file; for which your friend has asked your advice. You double click the file; or follow the advice. Boom! You've just been infected with a virus. Did your friend do this intentionally? No! In fact; your friend had no idea you received this email! Most likely; your friend isn’t even the one who SENT the e-mail in the first place.


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