Office 365 - Sync a Shared Document Library to your Computer

Office 365 allows us to create 'Team Sites' for Shared document areas.  You can access these sites by logging into the outlook.office365.com with your full email address and password and click on Sites.  Any 'Team' you have access to should be listed with a link that will get you to the document area.  However; you may also want to sync this Team Site Library with your computer to allow for offline access or ease in saving while working with desktop applications.

Office 365 - Sync your OneDrive for Business library to your Computer

If you are using OneDrive for storage of files you can access them through the web by logging into outlook.office365.com with your full email address and email password and clicking on OneDrive.  However; you may wish to have the full library synced to a folder on your computer to allow for offline access.  

The link below provided is from Microsoft.com.

How is Student Printing handled at Viterbo?

Viterbo allows an allotment of free printing units to all Viterbo students; after the allotment has been used students can not print until they add additional printing units to their account. To manage this process; Viterbo employs a print management software on all public access computers. When you print you'll be asked to supply your Viterbo username & password and a display of how much printing 'charges' will be deducted from your account.

The details of the print management software are as follows:

Mapping a Network Drive (PC only)

You may have a storage location on the Viterbo Network Server called FileServ.  Typically these are Departmental storage locations and can only be accessed when logged into a University owned computer on the Viterbo main campus.

If you have such a locations you should map a network drive on your office computer for ease of access every timed you log in.

1) Double click on My Computer

2) Right Click on the This PC icon and choose Map a Network Drive from the drop down menu.


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