Connecting to Microsoft Lync through a Browser

You may be invited to a Microsoft Lync meeting.  If you have the Microsoft Lync client you can simply click on the link provided and your Lync client will open.  However; if you don't have an Offce 365 account you might need to use a web browser to join as a guest. 

These are guidelines for entering a Microsoft Lync meeting using a web browser.  All browsers are different so the steps may not be exact.

Digital TV Connection in Your Residence Hall/Apartment

Make sure your TV is plugged in to a working electric outlet. Locate the TV outlet in your room and connectone end of the coaxial cable to it and the other end to the 'CATV' or'VHF IN' on your television. Do not connect to the 'UHF IN'on your television.

Your digitaltelevision must have a QAM tuner (QuadratureAmplitude Modulation) to work with Viterbo's cable TV service. The QAM tunerallows your TV to receive high definition cable programming without a cable settop box.

How do I change my Viterbo password?

Passwords must be 8-characters and contain at least one number and one special character. Changing this password changes for all accounts (PC Logins; Email; Moodle; Printing services; and VitNet).

Faculty/Staff: New accounts cannot change passwords; until after you begin work (so we can set up your PC).

If On-Campus: Log in to your office computer (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and once logged in press a Ctrl-Alt-Del again. Click the “Change Password” Button.  This can also be done from any lab-PC on campus.  

How do I keep my mailbox clean?

It is a good practice to clean out your e-mail folders occasionally. This reduces the overhead on both your PC and the E-Mail system and may speed up the process of accessing your e-mail by limiting the number of items that need to be loaded when you access your account. Since each item takes up space in your mailbox; removing some will also free up more space for new messages.

The following Outlook E-mail folders need to be managed on a regular basis so that they do not collect mail messages indefinitely:


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