Mapping a Network Drive (PC only)

You may have a storage location on the Viterbo Network Server called FileServ.  Typically these are Departmental storage locations and can only be accessed when logged into a University owned computer on the Viterbo main campus.

If you have such a locations you should map a network drive on your office computer for ease of access every timed you log in.

1) Double click on My Computer

2) Right Click on the This PC icon and choose Map a Network Drive from the drop down menu.

First Class Mail and Standard (Bulk) Mail FAQs

What is the latest time the first class mail can be sent?

  • First class, personal, and package rate mail are picked up when the incoming mail arrives on campus. This time varies due to postal procedures, but usually between 10am-2pm daily.
  • Presorted first class VU letters are picked up around 1:30pm daily.
  • First class mail does not need to be in zip code order.

Do all bulk mailings need to be in zip code order?

Is Recruiter having a service interruption?

Ellucian Recruiter is used as a Customer Management System for all potential Viterbo Students.  All recruitement offices use the system to communicate with potential students and potential students use the system to track the progress of their application or register for a visit event.


Recruiter is a cloud hosted system.  To determine if the hosted system is having a service interuption please visit: http://status.elluciancloud.com/ (This link is provided by Ellucian.com)

I'm being asked for an account when I attempt to Apply to Viterbo or Register for a Visit Day. What is this?

Viterbo University has an Recruiting system that allows you to create an account so that any information you give us during your account creation process will automatically fill into an Application or a Visit registration, should you choose to create one.  

This System also allows you to:


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