Turn off Clutter in O365

1) In the upper right hand corner, there will be a gear looking button. Click. 

2) On the left side of the screen, there will be many categories to choose from. The Clutter settings will be under the main heading of Mail, sub category of Automatic processing and should be the second option to choose. Click 

How do I access my Viterbo University VitNet Account?

You will use your Viterbo VitNet account to perform a variety of tasks related to your work at Viterbo University. Pay Stubs; Vacation/Sick Time; Tax Information; and department budget info (if allowed access).

Students use their VitNet account to check final grades at the end of each semester; and to enroll in classes before each semester. They also can check on financial aid status; produce a transcript; or check their class schedule for the current semester.

How Do I Give Someone Access to my VitNet Bill or Academic information?

Viterbo is excited to offer access to a tool; Parent Portal; which allows a student to grant access totheir academic (grades and degree audit) and/or financial information (tuitionbill; payment; and financial aid information) to parents; guardians or other responsible party.

VITERBO STUDENT: Grant Access by Logging into Vitnet and following the directions below.

I received an e-mail from a friend that looks like a virus! What do I do?

You receive an e-mail from a trusted friend and colleague. It contains information; or has attached a file; for which your friend has asked your advice. You double click the file; or follow the advice. Boom! You've just been infected with a virus. Did your friend do this intentionally? No! In fact; your friend had no idea you received this email! Most likely; your friend isn’t even the one who SENT the e-mail in the first place.

Restoring files or viewing previous versions of files on Office 365 OneDrive

If you should accidentally delete files or wish to view or restore a previous version of a file stored on the Office365 Onedrive use the directions provided by Microsoft in the following links.  

Please note that you typically have 30 days worth of items in the office 365 recycle bin.  However; if you are close to your OneDrive quota; files in the Recycle bin will be purged oldest first within 3 days.


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