Making a Conference Call from your University Phone


Your University phone is capable of allowing you to conference up to 6 callers at the same time.  This feature works if you have the phone numbers for those you wish to conference with.


1) Start by dialing the first contact.

2) Once that contact answers ask the to hold while you connect others to the call.

3) Choose the More button (...) on your phone (screen). 

4) Choose the Confrn button 

5) Dial the next contact.  

6) Choose the Confrn button.

7) Repeat sets 3-6 until all parties have been added.



Viewing/Editing Computer Sleep Settings

To view your computer sleep settings, open the Control Panel. The Control Panel can be found in the start menu on any version of Windows, or type "control panel" in search from the start button.  

   1. Once in the control panel, go to the power options group. The groups should be in alphabetical order, but if not, use the search bar in the upper right hand corner and type in "power options".

Add your Viterbo e-mail to your cell phone

If adding the account from on-campus, be sure to connect to the VITERBO-STUDENT Wireless Network first, open the web browser on your phone, and log in on your phone (same as with a laptop). Most phones will not add the account unless you are on a Wireless Connection for the intial setup process.

Viterbo uses an Exchange Server. When setting up a mail account on your phone, you will need to choose "Exchange" or "Corporate Sync" as the type, in order for it to work. Viterbo does NOT have IMAP and POP3.


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