Family Studies Minor

Program Requirements and Courses

Refer to your undergraduate catalog for the specific requirements. It’s important to pay close attention to the catalog to assure that you stay on schedule for graduation. Consult your advisor with any questions or to keep him or her abreast of your progress. Don’t forget that your advisor is here to help keep you on track.

PDF iconfamily_studies.pdf

Choose one of the following:

  • PSYC 220 Lifespan Developmental Psychology (offered every semester)
  • PSYC 310 Child Development (offered every fall semester)
  • SOWK 331 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I (offered every spring; restricted to social work majors)

Choose four additional courses from the following:

  • CRMJ 364 Juvenile Justice (offered every fall)
  • NURS 332 Child Health Nursing (offered both fall and spring; restricted to junior level nursing majors)
  • PHIL 244 Philosophy of Education (offered spring odd years)
  • PYSC 421 Family Therapy (offered spring odd years)
  • SOCL 345 Marriage and Family (offered spring odd years)
  • SOWK 328/VUSM 281 Understanding and Working with Mexicans in the U.S. (offered every spring)
  • SOWK 333 Child Welfare (offered spring odd years)
  • SOWK 334 Social Work with Families (offered fall odd years)
  • SOWK 360 Interpersonal Violence (offered fall even years)