Faith Community Nursing

parish nursing

Who is a Faith Community Nurse?

Health Advisor

Promotes an understanding of the relationship between faith, lifestyle, and health emphasizing early response to problems and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Educator on Health Issues

Identifies the health needs of a congregation and utilizes resources from the church and the community-at-large to plan and present educational health programs.

Advocate/Resource Person

Speaks out to help others obtain needed health services and provides helpful information on health issues.

Liaison to Faith and Community Resources

Functions as a valuable link between the congregation and community resources and services.

Teacher of Volunteers/Developer of Support Groups

Recruits and trains volunteers and develops support groups to meet the needs of church members.

Healer of Body, Mind, Spirit, and Community

Improves the health of body, mind, spirit, and community by integrating faith and health care practice.

What Qualifications are Required to be a Faith Community Nurse?

  • Be a licensed registered nurse.
  • Complete the IPNRC Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Course.
  • Adhere to the Standards and Scope of Faith Community Nursing and the state nurse practice act.
  • Have an understanding of legal and ethical issues as it relates to professional practice.