Promotion and Tenure Committee


 Sara Cook (chair)  term ends May 2015
 Ed Wenzel      term ends May 2015
Jean Saladino      
Judy Anderson  
 Bill Reese  
 Jason Howard  
 Rick Walters  


Viterbo University Promotion and Tenure Review Deadlines  


   Type of Review 

1st Deadline, due to Dean 

2nd Deadline, due to VPAA

    Tenure Review

    August 1st

   Monday of Inservice

    Promotion Review

    last Monday in September

   3rd Monday in October

    5th Year Pre-Tenure Review

    first Tuesday in September

   last Monday in September

    3rd Year Pre-Tenure Review

    Monday of spring in-service

   1st Monday in February


Description, Faculty Rank, Criteria, Procedure for Promotion, and Evaluation of Faculty 



 The Faculty Evaluation Process at Viterbo (pdf)