Faculty Development

Faculty Grant Application Protocol ARCHIVE

This page contains the following information regarding faculty development grants:

Individual Grant Parameters

Eligibility: To be eligible to apply for an individual faculty development grant, you must be considered a full-time faculty member in Viterbo’s graduate and/or undergraduate on-campus curriculum, or have a permanent part-time faculty appointment in the graduate or undergraduate on-campus curriculum. You also must have submitted final reports for any Faculty Development grants received in the previous two years. Faculty are eligible for up to $1,400 per year for domestic-travel conferences or $2,100 per year for international conferences.

Purpose: This form may be used to apply for a faculty development grant used for the following purposes:

  • Attending and/or presenting at a conference
  • Bringing in resources persons for on-site professional development, such as a speaker for an event
  • Publishing in a peer-reviewed journal

This grant funding is intended to supplement faculty out-of-pocket costs for the project or activity, not cover the entire project.

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Application Instructions

The faculty development grant uses an online form submission process.
Please follow the instructions below carefully.

Complete a response to each of the items 1-4 listed below and save as a Word (.docx) or PDF file. Click the button below to download and save a template:

FileDownload Step 1 Template

  1. Please provide a description of the proposed project or activity and include dates/times/locations. If you are applying just to attend a conference for the first time, what aspects of the conference might you consider in planning your own presentation submission at next year’s conference?
  2. Please specify at least three professional development outcomes that you hope to achieve by engaging in the proposed activity. For at least two of those outcomes, specify a plan to evaluate (assess) whether you have accomplished the outcomes and/or made measurable progress toward achieving the outcome by the time the final report is due (within a couple of weeks after the event).
  3. The Faculty Development Committee assumes the learning that is derived from faculty development projects or activities will be integrated in some way into one's teaching. Please have at least one of the above outcomes above related to your current or future teaching responsibilities.

    A note for conference participants: Not all conferences “deliver” the information or ideas that we anticipate. In the end, if you did not learn what you hoped to bring back to your teaching, please describe that experience in your final report.

    Information should be submitted following this format:

    Objective A: Title of objective
    Intended Outcome (from questions 2 and 3 above): What is expected to come from this objective/learning activity or project?
    Evaluation: How will success be measured?
    Potential Implementation: What might be implemented into teaching responsibilities? Please be specific about this.
  4. Do you have the support of your dean or department chair for this project? 

Fill out and save the Budget Worksheet to your computer. This is a fillable PDF that you should download and open in Adobe Reader (if you open it in another application, you may not be able to fill it out and save it). Be sure to save the completed file on your computer.

PDF iconDownload Budget Worksheet


​Once you have downloaded and completed the documents from Steps 1 and 2, please complete the following online application. In this form, you will be asked to upload the files you have prepared in Steps 1 and 2, so please have them ready.


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Grant Follow-Up and Final Report Instructions

After completing the conference or professional development activity for which you had an approved Faculty Development grant, each faculty member will need to complete the following items:


Within 10 days of returning from travel or at the completion of the event, submit a completed travel expense form (Office spreadsheet icontravelexpenseform.xls) to the Business Office with appropiate receipts to be reimbursed for your pre-approved incurred expenses (ones found on your Budget Sheet in your application).

Office spreadsheet iconDownload Travel Expense Form


Submit a final reflection of the project via the following form below. For grants that were approved within the fall semester, final reports are due by spring break of the following semester. For grants approved in the spring semester, final reports will be due by fall break of the subsequent semester. Applicants not filing reports will be ineligible for subsequent funding from the Faculty Development Grants Fund for two years.

Please be ready to respond to the following (prepare your anwers):

  • Briefly explain your project. Please include the date(s), location, and names of important members of your project.
  • Intended Outcomes Report. Please review the stated objectives from your proposal, your intended mode of assessment of those outcomes and reflect on what level you were able to achieve those goals. Address how successfully you met the outcomes stated in the original proposal.
  • Integration to Viterbo. Please reflect on how your experience will affect your professional life and responsibilities at Viterbo. You could talk about integration into youconsider your classroom, your scholarly research and/or your civic work.
  • Unexpected Outcomes. You may also describe outcomes that were not anticipated, and thus not indicated in the original application.

Final Report ONLINE Form

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