Adjunct Faculty Development Grant Application Form

Eligibility:  To be eligible to apply for an adjunct faculty development grant, you must be a current adjunct faculty in good standing with the University.

Purpose: This form may be used to apply for a adjunct faculty development grant used for the following purposes:

  • Attending conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and seminars pertaining to either one’s teaching areas or scholarship.  Including support for administrative roles in conferences or workshops.
  • Presenting new research (Poster, Round table, Panel, Musical or other artistic work) or other scholarly work (invited paper, Keynote address, musical or theater performance) for academic peers.
  • Other forms of scholarly activities that may not conform to established standards must be justified and supported by department/dean.
  • Resources related to bringing in outside personnel for on-site professional development.
  • Support for research directly related to one’s scholarship or teaching including: purchasing books, data sets, assessments, journals, professional memberships, lab supplies, instruments, analytical and testing services. Items purchased become property of Viterbo University.
  • Professional travel to archives, museums, exhibits, historical centers or sites, musical and theater productions directly tied into ones teaching or scholarship.
  • Support for materials to develop new courses.
  • Other activities not directly referenced that foster joint faculty-student scholarship or enhance instructional skills (individual or institutional).
  • Costs related to public dissemination of scholarly products including publication or performance.

This grant funding is intended to supplement adjunct faculty out-of-pocket costs for the project or activity, not cover the entire project.

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At least one of the outcomes should be related to teaching and at least one outcome should have an evaluation plan to measure success.
Please provide a short description of how the award money will be used