Shooting or Weapons


  1. Notify campus safety immediately if you are aware of a weapon on campus—guns, knives, rifles, etc. Call campus safety at 3911 if using a Viterbo phone; 608-796-3911 or
    608-780-1582 if using a non-Viterbo phone.
  2. If you witness an individual shooting, hear gunshots, or are notified of a shooter on ­campus:
    1. GET OUT – If the shooting is in your building, get out if you are able. If you see the shooter, run in the opposite direction. Put distance between you and the ­shooter. (Provide assistance to those with disabilities/special needs and/or provide their location to emergency responders.)
    2. CALL OUT – When it’s safe, call 911. Give the location of the incident, the ­number of shooters and description. Do not make other calls to allow the ­dispatcher to call you back as needed.
    3. HIDE OUT – If you can’t get out of the building, hide under a desk, in a closet, behind a door and stay quiet. Be prepared to identify yourself to responding law enforcement officials.
    4. KEEP OUT – Deny the shooter access by locking or jamming the door shut. ­Create a ­barrier. Block windows to rooms.
    5. TAKE OUT – If there is no other option available then, distract the shooter by throwing something at them or attack the shooter. Attempt to disarm with any means available.