Physical or Sexual Assault/Fight


Sexual Assault

  1. Make sure the victim is safe. Call 911 if the assailant might still be in the area.
  2. Take the victim to a hospital emergency room for medical evaluation. There may be hidden physical injuries of which the victim is not aware. A medical evaluation is needed whether or not the victim decides to take legal action.
  3. Assist in preserving evidence. Tell the victim NOT to change clothes, shower, douche, comb hair, brush teeth, eat, drink, or urinate (unless absolutely ­necessary).
  4. Tell the victim not to disturb the crime scene and to take a change of clothes to a hospital emergency room.
  5. A sexual assault nurse examiner will be contacted to provide support, explain procedures and options, and offer initial counseling that can be followed up with counselors on campus.
  6. Encourage reporting the crime to Viterbo campus safety 608-796-3911, Viterbo health services 608-796-3806, the La Crosse Police Department 608-785-7241, or the Viterbo Vice President for Student Development 608-796-3801 as soon as possible. Reporting can be done anonymously and does not obligate the student to take legal action.
  7. Encourage the victim to get emotional help from V­iterbo counseling services 608-796-3808, Franciscan Skemp 608-791-9720 or 1-800-362-5454, ext. 2291 or Gundersen Lutheran 608-775-5950 or 1-800-362-9567, ext. 5950.


Physical Assault or Fight

  1. Call 911. Calmly provide location of incident and whether weapons are involved.
  2. Call campus safety at 3911 if using a Viterbo phone; 608-796-3911 or 608-780-1582 if using a non-Viterbo phone.
  3. If possible, defuse the situation.