Environmental Studies

Until relatively recently, humans have used the earth's resources with little thought of the consequences. Now the impact of our actions is beginning to be felt as we are faced with the depletion of natural resources, and the disruption of natural environments.

Environmental Studies is built on the understanding that every aspect of our human behavior has some relationship to the natural environment. It began in the sciences, but has broadened to include fields as divergent as:

  • economics and literature
  • political science and religion
  • history and sociology

In addition to developing an intellectual understanding of the many factors which contribute to our current environmental dilemma, Viterbo's program in environmental studies seeks to create heartfelt connections to particular places through:

  • field work
  • community action projects
  • time spent in nature and the development of skills for personal and political action


For more information contact:

Christopher Iremonger
Reinhart Center 305