Environmental Studies

Why Environmental Studies?

"…I can think of no other college program that will prepare students to effectively impact an economically competitive, environmentally stressed, and socially uncertain world."

—Dave Donovan, Environmental Analyst
Northern States Power Company
env03Some careers in environmental science do require a very rigorous course of science. However, it is estimated of the thousands of new environmental workers that will be needed in the coming years, half or less will be in engineering and technical fields. Thus, persons with a more general background in environmental issues and a mix of skills will be in demand. Fields of environmental employment which may be open to someone with the appropriate background include:
  • Environmental Education
  • Air, Water, and Soil quality
  • Forestry, Fish, and Wildlife management
  • Environmental communications
  • Environmental lobbying and legislation
  • Energy conservation and management

Perhaps just as important as the career prospects which the field offers, is the need for an informed and committed citizenry. We all need to understand the complexity of the environmental issues facing the planet, and be committed to personal and societal action to remedy the distress we see about us.