Environmental Responsibility Committee

Campus Initiatives

Viterbo University has implemented a number of green initiatives. These include:


  • Added a variable frequency drive and heat sensing controls to the kitchen exhaust fans to save electrical consumption
  • Replaced the commercial dishwasher in the cafeteria to reduce water and energy consumption
  • Replaced T12 lights in Marian Hall with T8 lights reducing electrical consumption
  • Upgraded the heating and cooling controls in Brophy Nursing Center to reduce energy consumption
  • Virtualized over ten computer servers to save electrical consumption (Estimated savings of $5,000 per year)
  • Installed additional bike racks around campus top provide students with additional transportation option
  • Converted the weekly Connections newsletter to an electronic format to reduce printing and paper costs
  • Set all computer labs to turn off monitors after 20 minutes and hard drives after 1 hour.  Computers now go into sleep mode after 2 hours.  This will save hundreds of dollars annually in electrical costs
  • Computer lab printers will enter a sleep mode after 20 minutes


  • Installed LED lights in EXIT signs around campus to reduce electricity consumptions
  • Installed a variable frequency drive for the air handler in the Mathy Center to reduce electrical consumption (Estimated savings of $1,300 per year)
  • Replace four vehicles within the campus auto fleet with Civic Hybrids to reduce gasoline consumption (Estimated savings of $5,000 per year)
  • Changed to clean cleaning products for use around campus to reduce toxins
  • Migrated to electronic data processing within the administrative office around campus eliminating the printing, mailing and handling of tens of thousands of documents annually saving well over $10,000 annually
  • Converted the Lumen newspaper to electronic format to reduce the quantity of printed material


  • Replaced steam traps throughout the campus heating system to eliminate lost energy
  • Installed low flow showerheads and faucets in residence halls and kitchen to save water and reduce heating costs
  • Installed a chemical free water treatment system for the Reinhart Cooling Tower to save energy and water consumption
  • Replaces lighting in the Varsity Athletic Center to reduce electrical consumption
  • Implemented a recycling program to recycle cans, plastic bottles and paper
  • Discontinued the use of trays in the cafeteria to reduce water and energy consumption


  • Implemented a printing software control to reduce the number of printed documents on campus wide printers reducing printing and paper costs



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