Environmental Biology

Environmental Biology

Environmental Biology at Viterbo

Humans are inescapably connected to the environment—from food to medicine to the services the environment provides (clean air and water for example) and the simple and innate pleasure humans experience from being outdoors. The relationship among living organisms, including humans, and their environment is a main focus of environmental biology. For students concerned about the human impact on the environment and how to improve the world, an environmental biology major is an excellent choice.

The environmental biology major at Viterbo University helps connect students to the natural world through a flexible program with a broad-based background in biology, chemistry, environmental science, and sustainability courses. The major provides students with the courses, research, and internship experiences to become leaders in the scientific approach to the study of environmental biology. This major takes an integrated approach to environmental studies with a systems-level view of how organisms interact with the environment, preparing graduates for a variety of careers.

After fall of 2018, applications are no longer being accepted for the Enviormental Biology major. To explore other options at Viterbo please visit the lists of Majors and Minors. 


Program Highlights

  • Courses taught by published professors in biology, environmental biology, sustainability, and ecology and evolution
  • Active, hands-on, problem-based learning instead of the traditional lecture format.
  • Outdoor laboratories in several courses
  • Internship opportunities to work with local leaders in environmental biology including government, nonprofit, and private industries
  • First and second-year research opportunities
  • Paid summer undergraduate research program
  • Career advising and strong, personal faculty advising


Michael Alfieri
Associate Professor, Biology/Assistant Dean, College of Education, Engineering, and Letters and Sciences

 RCE 217

Featured Alumni

“The benefits of obtaining my Viterbo undergraduate degree in natural science (now environmental science) continues to enrich and guide my activities as an educator, consultant, property owner and agro-ecologist. The world class biology faculty and curriculum at Viterbo exceeded even my graduate science studies. Every Viterbo student engaged in coursework receives guidance, support and direction enabling them to develop a career path that encourages their strongest attributes.”

Juliee de la Terre '09  
Sustainability consultant, educator, and agro-ecologist

Example Careers

  • Animal scientist
  • Aquaculture consultant
  • Aquatic biologist
  • Conservation biologist
  • Environmental education
  • Environmental lawyer
  • Environmental scientist
  • Government employee (DNR, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, etc.)
  • Laboratory technician
  • Regulatory specialist
  • Sustainability consultant
  • Waste management technician
  • Wildlife biologist

Graduate Schools/Employers of Alumni

  • Agropur Ingredients
  • Department of Natural Resources
  • Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center
  • Monsanto Corporation
  • University of Wisconsin Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • U.S. Geological Survey Upper Mississippi Environmental Science Center
  • University of Hawaii-Manoa