In 2010, Viterbo’s Dahl School of Business 4+1 MBA students collected waste production data for 2009.  Waste production was assessed by three types of waste: trash, recycled, and commingled.  A total of 256,640 pounds of trash were produced, while 50,080 pounds of recyclable materials were recycled.

Waste by Type


Trash production was assessed by building type. The largest contributors of waste occurred in McDonald Terrace, accounting for over two tenths (22%) of the waste produced.  The Student Union followed, with over a tenth (12%) of the share.  The academic buildings of the Reinhart Center, Fine Arts Center, and Murphy Center each produced approximately a tenth (11%, 11%, and 8%, respectively).

Trash by Building


Trash production was also assessed by building type.  The largest contributor of recycled waste occurred in Reinhart Center (39%).  The next top contributors included Fine Arts Center, Murphy Center, and the Student Union (17%, 15%, and 15%, respectively).


Recycling by Building