English Department

English Department

The English programs at Viterbo are rich, engaging and full of experiential learning opportunities for students.  We offer:

  • Three major tracks: literature, writing, or education.
  • Three minor tracks: literature, writing, or English language arts education.
  • Your choice of a BA or BS in writing or education.
  • Faculty who are active in research and writing.
  • An English club, Final Edit.
  • Paid positions in writing, editing and publishing for our campus newspaper, The Lumen, our journal of freshmen writing, Backspace, or our literary and arts journal, Touchstone.
  • Internship (some are even paid) and study abroad opportunities.
  • A rigorous undergraduate research program including opportunities to participate in Scholars' Day, the Seven Rivers Undergraduate Research Symposium and the Summer Research Fellowship Program.
  • Interesting courses on a range of topics and authors including Shakespeare,World Literature, Latin American Fiction Around the Boom, American Fiction since 1945, Women Writers after 1700, Greek and Roman Literature, Creative Non-fiction, Argumentative Writing and News Reporting and Writing.
  • Skills that are absolutely indespensible and required for all careers, including critical thinking and analysis, written and oral communication, and information literacy.

Viterbo English majors often pursue communications-based careers in such fields as public relations, advertising, and journalism. Many English majors prepare for careers as middle/secondary school teachers, or pursue graduate or professional degrees in English, library science, communications, and law.

Students who minor in English gain the analytical skills that come from textual study but also improve their writing through their choice of five courses that comprise the minor.

3+1 Degree Program

Do you want to graduate with an advanced degree in just four years? This program provides an opportunity for outstanding, highly motivated students to complete a bachelor of arts degree in three years, followed by one year of graduate work leading to a Master of Business Administration or a Master of Arts in Servant Leadership.  Students may earn a minor in accountingbusiness administrationmarketing, or servant leadership to prepare for the master’s program. The admission criteria are as follows:

  • a cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale);
  • a ranking within the top third of the senior class;
  • an ACT score of at least 24;
  • a minimum of 6 credits of college level work through Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate Program, or the Diocesan High School College Credit Program;
  • an intent to declare a major in history, English writing, Spanish, philosophy or religious studies

Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in three years requires some summer classes. There are opportunities for undergraduate summer research for students in this program. As an undergraduate, it is recommended that to prepare for the MBA, students earn a minor in accounting, business administration, management, or marketing or take a variety of business courses. To prepare for the Master of Arts in Servant Leadership, students should consider an undergraduate minor in servant leadership.

For more information, contact:

Vickie Holtz Wodzak, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Assistant Professor