D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership

Lecture Series 2003-2004

The Place of Religion in the Public Square – Debate

Sept. 9, 2003 – Dan Barker, Public Relations Director, Freedom from Religion Foundation; Scott Moore, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Baylor University; Francis J. Manion, Senior Counsel with the American Center for Law & Justice

The public understanding over the proper role of religion in American public life has perhaps never been so divided. The difficult questions that have recently faced the city of La Crosse over the placing of the Ten Commandments on public property are also faced by many other communities throughout the country. Join us as we seek answers to these questions through a discussion with representatives of three different viewpoints.

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Dedication of the Center for Ethics, Science, and Technology

Oct. 6, 2003 – Judith Andre, Professor in the Center for Ethics in the Humanities and Life Sciences at Michigan State University – Viterbo alumnae

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Terrorism: The Effect on Families

Oct. 21, 2003 – Sally Cahalan

Co-sponsored by the La Crosse Public Library and the D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership.

An Evening Conversation with Cheryl Broetje

Nov. 6, 2003 – Broetje Orchards "First Fruits of Washington" Founder, Center for Sharing

Together with her husband, Ralph, Cheryl owns Broetje Orchards near Prescott, Wash. The business was established in 1980 and markets apples under the “First Fruits of Washington” label to stores throughout the world. They employ 900 people year-round and an additional 900 seasonal workers on their 4,000-acre orchard. What is unique about their endeavor is the commitment they have to their employees. Broetje Orchard has created a community and family environment for its workforce by reinvesting its profits into making life better for its employees—through continuing education, modern housing, and quality health care, day care, schools, and more. As a result, the community and the business thrive and employee retention is unusually high.

Click here for a story of the event published in the La Crosse Tribune

2004 Humanities Symposium: Genetics and Society

"Biotechnology, Ethics, and Theology"

Feb. 2–4, 2004 – Kevin Fitzgerald, S.J., Ph.D., The Dr. David Lauler Chair in Catholic Health Care Ethics, Center for Clinical Bioethics, Georgetown University

Ethics Across the Disciplines Conference – Stewardship: Caring for the Earth and Its Inhabitants

April 1–3, 2004 – Terry Tempest Williams, Author, Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place; Calvin DeWitt, Director, Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies