D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership

Clone of Conference Archives


"Water Ethics" April 16–18, 2015
An Interdisciplinary Conference

"Happiness and the Virtues" April 10–12, 2014

Conference on the Theological Virtues 

"Love" 2013

"Hope" 2012

"Faith" 2011

Conference on the Cardinal Virtues

"Wisdom" 2010

"Temperance" 2009

"Courage" 2008

"Justice" 2007

Ethics Across the Disciplines Conference

The series of Ethics Across the Disciplines Conferences was intended to bring scholars from throughout the nation into conversation with students, faculty, and other members of the La Crosse community to discuss the meaning and implications of traditional ethical values and practices that are fundamental to the Franciscan and Catholic heritage of Viterbo University. 

Selected papers from each conference were published in a special issue of the journal Analytic Teaching.